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Do you know the difference between a "near death experience", an "out-of-body experience", a "death experience" and "death"?

Near Death Experience: You are alive and conscious but something occurs that is just a millisecond from killing your body - a lucky escape.

Out of body experience: You go out of your body and are seeing directly as a spirit not through your body’s eyes, but your body is still breathing and it’s heart still pumping. This can occur for no apparent reason or due to fear or during medical operations etc. At some point you go back into your body again after a very short or longer time.

Death Experience: You leave your body or are knocked out of it and it stops breathing and the heart stops. But you decide to get back and start it up again or paramedics, doctors or someone doing resuscitation get the heart and lungs working and you decide to come back and take it up again.

Death: You leave your body or are knocked out of it when it is severely injured or you leave just because you decide to, and the heart and lungs stop and you don’t come back to it again because it is too damaged or because you just don’t want to. You go without a body for a while or go off and get a new-born body elsewhere.

I Died Three Times - I Know What Happens At Death.

Are you interested in a sincere, factual site that brings you intriguing adventure, discovery, knowledge and entertainment about successive past lives, out-of-body experiences and reincarnation into future lives?

Past Life Test is not a gimmick site that tries to convince you who you were in your past lives - but gives you data to help you find your way in this intriguing and exciting subject - and gives you information that can help you prepare for your future lives.

Past Life Test asks, can you agree that past and future lives and out-of-body experiences obviously concern the spirit – the intelligent, thinking “you” that inhabits your physical body, that does the thinking and that makes the decisions on how and when and what to use your body for at any given time? Can you see this is simply a fact and does not have to involve any religion (although religions are supposed to service that basic “you”)?

Spirits Fly Like Birds

Past Life Test is not a religious site and is not reserved for members of any specific religion but is intended for all people of all religions - and also those who subscribe to no religion at all.

I hope you agree with us, that none of the data on this site or in any of our eProducts, need conflict with anyone’s religion. We think people will find out in our eBook, "Confirming Reincarnation" (chapter on religions) how major religions and religious leaders align it all with their beliefs.


Perhaps, as a child, you had fleeting past life memories like I did? Perhaps, like me, you had an out-of-body experience where you moved right out of your body and could see it from a distance? Or perhaps you too had death experiences, where you moved out because of trauma and had the body's heart and lungs stop working, as I did on three occasions.

Fascinated by my childhood experiences, as an adult, I spent time researching, listening to similar experiences by others, collecting true stories, cataloging entertainment, writing, creating poetry, fiction stories, drawings and paintings that deal with these subjects.

Do any of these questions intrigue you? -

Could you have lived as one of your own ancestors?

Could current life fears be due to previous life experiences?

Could you forget your past lives due to an unpleasant previous death?

Could you avoid past lives due to violence in a previous lifetime?

Could you have lived in a body of the opposite gender in an earlier life?

Could you subconsciously repeat mistakes you made in a previous life?

You may want to start with our Free Tests and Quizzes or go right to other pages from the blue buttons left side – but, due to the limitations of single webpages, realize that you will find the most extensive data in our eBooks which we keep to a very low price for you.

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YOU are .....

You ARE a Spirit that has a body - you are NOT a body that has a spirit.

YOU are .....

YOU are the intelligence that lives within the body. You do the thinking, make the decisions and solve the problems for the survival of your body. The body can't think or decide or solve problems.

YOU are .....

You are immortal and at death you continue on by moving out and leaving the worn-out body and with full Spirit-perception, you find and take possession of a new baby body as it is developing within the uterus of a new mother-to-be.

What is the Spiritive Empire movement?

Spiritive Empire is a non-religious movement that celebrates the Spirit as the intelligence and life in all living things. Spiritive Empire is for all people of all religions and for those who subscribe to no religion at all.


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