As promised when you subscribed long ago, here is a news bulletin or eZine (electronic magazine) re the website and the past life eBooks!

The website now has content of over 50 pages and is being visited by people in 71 different countries!

After the USA, which has a contact rate of consistently round 50%, Russia and India are the countries that have most frequent visitors.

One of the most popular pages is "Your Future Life" ( ).

The website now has a news feed where people can subscribe without having to give their email address if they are interested in being notified when there is new content added to the site.

After a survey on most acceptable pricing in the current economy, the eBook prices were brought down to under $7.00 each.

Downloads of the eBooks are virus free and easy to accomplish by following directions on the download page.

There are just the two eBooks available from the site at this time ("CONFIRMING REINCARNATION - Past and Future Lives" and "PAST LIFE POETRY") but the third eBook, "OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES" is in preparation now with thirty unique, factual stories and it will be available within a month.

Feel free to forward this eZine to your friends. They too, can sign up for it on the "Notify Me" Option web page or for the news feed on any of the web pages at

I will get out another News eZine when this new eBook is available.

Bye until then,