Yes! The long awaited eBook "OUT-OF-BODY Real Experiences" is completed and available at !

This new eBook reveals thirty very different out-of-body experiences and each has an illustration to try to show part of the occurrence.

It is amazing that most of the time an experience of this nature happens unexpectedly and always reveals to the individual his or her true nature - that of a a being of the non-physical universe who is playing the "game of life" in a physical body in the physical universe.

Another interesting thing is that the out-of-body happenings can be precipitated by both good and bad experiences - by being very exuberant or serene on the one hand or through being very stressed or afraid or after receipt of an accident or of violence on the other hand.

Check this new eBook for yourself -

Check the eBook here

Coming up at soon will be another eBook - "Out-Of-Body Poetry".

Stay tuned!