There have been quite a few additions to the website since the last eZine.

We did produce and make available the eBook "Out-of-Body Poetry" as promised in the last eZine. Check it out.

The latest eProduct is a free download of our first eDirectory. It's an eDirectory of songs and music about past lives and reincarnation. Enjoy the entertainment by simply clicking on the links of the eDirectory after you download it.

There are also added web pages about illness and the spirit and about health and the spirit. These link to some astounding videos and articles about drug companies and the medical profession and how they are defrauding the public and harming the spirit.

There are now 103 different countries accessing the website. The USA uses it most and India is the second user. After that come China, UK, Australia and then many of the European countries, other Asian countries, African countries, etc.

Take a new look at the site and the new pages and try some of the very inexpensive eProducts. Let me know what you think.

Find the FREE Past-Life-Songs eDirectory amongst

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Very Best Regards,

Barry Nelson