Here's a little news from the website

The website bow has a "Like" button at the top and bottom of the main pages so visitors can indicate they "Like" the site. This helps with placement of the site by search engines.

Perhaps you know that is the address that is gradually making "Spiritive Empire" known to the world.

Spiritive Empire is a non-religious movement that celebrates the Spirit as the true life in living things - in both reality and in art. It is non-religious so that it can be enjoyed and followed by people of all religions and those with no chosen religion at all.

Our home page now also has buttons to connect directly to our "facebook" Spiritive Empire page where you can "Like" that site and become a "friend".

Additionally the Home Page has a button to connect you directly with "twitter" where you can also click "Like" and can become a follower of Spiritive Empire's "tweets" on twitter.

Our Past-Life-Test website's FREE downloadable eDirectory of songs about reincarnation and past lives is very popular. Once you download the eDirectory it has live links that you can click to take you directly to listening to the song on YouTube or, in some cases, on some other player. is now being visited by people from 118 different countries (up from 103 last newsletter) and the list gradually becomes longer as the site becomes known across the world.

We have added considerably more pages relating to YOUR FUTURE LIVES and the need to be responsible for what happens in the current society as you will be borne back into it in the future. These pages go deeper into the site map than we have gone before.

Take a new look at the site and do us a favor by indicate your liking for it by clicking the thumbs-up "Like" button - and visit the facebook and twitter pages and "Like" us there too- become a friend on facebook and follow us on twitter and we will be very grateful.

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Barry Nelson