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We, closer than others ever, thirty thousand life-spans worked together in the highest places of the great Galactic Empire

We team of two in that Patrol - sworn in allegiance to the powerful Empire and sworn timeless to each other

We served the greatest good and in so doing, when ever need arose would die - one for the other

We dealt justice, honor, trust and truth with strong and clean conviction

By telepathy of melded minds we knew each other to most inward feelings and desires

Cities, armies, nations, planets, even systems sought our help and did our bidding

Man had profit from our purpose - the galaxy was our ground

Productive happiness and supreme comradeship was our just reward

In all of time there is no happiness compares to then

Looking back the loss from then was great because of what next happened.

From without this galaxy came the fifth invader forces and almost crushed the race of man

Black ugly terrifying beetle bodies with hypnotic minds whose reproductive means could change galactic life

When planet after planet lost, showed to you our rules were wrong, only you of all Patrolmen dared to break those binding ties

Blinded in mind I held yet those stringent rules, not seeing as you, that they had failed us all

Stressed by battles lost and the cruel ways of those gross creatures, for once we differed in agreement

Different views - disagreement - a great upset and your withheld intention

Then you were gone against all agreements - yet you knew I would follow even to the dreaded enemy

And reaching out with telepathic sense I knew disaster was your fate and I thought with dread of an earlier eon

An eon so much earlier, when twin bodied we worked together for so many successive life times.

At that time the invading force in their silver cocoons - with our two minds locked - had desiccated you

The feeling of your pain was more than I could bear - I lost my certainty and my soul brother - until this later eon I speak of now.

And at this later time distressed by your leaving I followed you but was intercepted - stung by the invader!

And instantly I knew the secret of the Beetles as my form began to slowly morph - my body soon began to look as one of them

I now knew how they took planets, leaving no sign of any man, nor data of their means

Their weapon - biological - a murderous reproductive means that changed all foes into their kind

Before full transformation into Beetle I killed that morphing body and escaping from it, I took the secret back.

Extermination plans began - yet, in newly arranged body now, still I searched for you, as desperately we drove the Beetles back

What hatred for those creatures I held guilty of your loss - but not knowing you when next we met, you welcomed death

As you - now Beetle - recognizing me as spirit, lowered your weapon as I fired mine and blasted you away

In Beetle’s death, too late I recognized you spirit, and could not admit my act

I’d not forgive myself or ever stop the search - still punishing myself with deep hurting grief in all of me.

For courageous self-endangerment we were both honored with The Supreme Galactic Medal of Allegiance - yours in absence

I received your medal for you when I took mine - yours was a sad joy but I hated mine. It seemed I’d killed you for it

I could not wear it, nor could I be myself or have happiness again - our team I’d sacrificed - though mankind did survive.

A trillion years later - or a thousand trillion, we had one short life together on Earth in Rome’s Empire - we powerful team again

Just one short life was shared - what happiness - but one misguided order and overwhelming pain when once again you’ve gone

With sword I dug your grave and filled it in myself - yet in my next existence did not remember why my unhappiness and grief.

On and on, life by life - unhappy and morose - searching always for you and punishing myself.

But now - this life I meet a being and feel a jab - a memory deep and hidden - and feel carping criticism

Criticism unwarranted I know too well to be the sign of own misdeeds - and fault is mine not yours

Fascination overrides and I deem friendship - awareness deepens and slowly dawns a joyous painful thing

First rejected and pushed off - pretense - this great wonder cannot be

But truth comes strong when many hours of guided search release the pain and loss - I know now it is you

Shall I speak of those times long gone - ask forgiveness - make known the loss?

Shall we be a team again - express soul brother love? The oath allegiance is still real - the more so now - so be it!

If not for us and others like us all mankind would have perished

So we have earned the right to enjoy each other now - we Brothers of the Universe!

Barry Nelson August 8, 1978
Copyright © 1978, All Rights Reserved

I hope you enjoyed these examples of Spiritive Poems. Try writing some Spiritive poems yourself and send them in here.

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(Shortened version.)

I’ve lived in many ages
Different bodies every time
Like a book with many pages
Every chapter has been mine

I’ve worked in deep dark slave-mines
I’ve had bodies white and black
I’ve lived as royalty sometimes
And I just keep coming back

I’ve lived as male and female
Only bodies give me gender
Looking back at time’s long trail
Every lifetime is a wonder

I’ve been on other planets
Been a baby many times
With always different parents
Of my various body lines

I’ve captained stately sail ships
Been a boxer in a ring
I’ve drowned in dangerous tide rips
Been beheaded by a King

On an island in an ocean
I’ve lived on plants and fish
As a witch I made a potion
And I served it in a dish

In a battle I was captured
Taken prisoner by the foe
And then I was enraptured
By a fiddler with a bow

On a space ship in a battle
I was blown to kingdom-come
By a snake that had a rattle
I was bitten on the tongue

On a planet in Orion
I’ve built palaces of slate
On the swamp-worlds of Aldebaran
I’ve farmed zen-worms with my mate

I’ve strung bridges over ravens
Cut wind-sails for a boat
Designed a castle on a mountain
And ringed it with a moat

In a lifetime on Sole’s Terra
I carved pictures in the rocks
And while living as Aunt Sara
I sewed holes in children’s socks

Body after body grows
Baby to adult
I’m born and live and go
Is it all to no result?

What keeps me coming back
Is a duty to my friends
For there’s something that’s alack
In the universe’s trends

We are eternal life-beings
And once were close to gods
Now crushed and broken has-beens
We’ve sunk beneath the sods

Better times are coming
A golden age is near
The future can be stunning
If we all do our share

Then back to playing games again
Creating things of beauty
I’ll rocket through the meteor rain
And shuttle stellar booty

Sail windcars on the Martian seas
Fly racing ships in space
Mine diamralds on the planet Meece
A smile back on my face

I’ll dine with Kings
Wear diamrald rings
Breed cats with wings
And other things

And if I chose
And I’m not trapped
With naught to lose
I might come back

For lifetimes!

Barry Nelson July 27, 1993
Copyright © 1993, All Rights Reserved