Deadly Conflict
As Materialists Try to Destroy Knowledge
of the Spirit and Past Lives

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Could it be true that the most basic of all conflicts is the deadly conflict between "spiritists" (those who know that the life in living things is the spirit) and "materialists" (those who insist that any life is simply a sequence of chemical reactions)?

Could these opposing philosophies have been at the root of many wars?

Is it possible that where two different "spiritist" factions have been at war with one another, it is a hidden materialist faction that has secretly prompted them into war with each other - in an effort to defeat and destroy them both?

Deadly Conflict

True knowledge of the Spirit verses Material darkness.

Do you think that the "spiritist" side of this conflict, loses support by insisting ancient and greatly altered parables of the "instant-creation" of the universe and of all living things is absolute truth?

Is it possible that materialists infiltrated the "spiritists" to alter these ancient stories so they must be believed at absolute truth, knowing that this would create a false history that would not be believable by all?

Do the materialists need to spread their false philosophy that life is only a bunch of chemicals so that good spiritist-people will believe it and can then be persuaded it is justifiable to kill each other in wars and conflicts between spiritist factions?

Is it a fact that the materialists, who deny spirit-life, and insist life came into being by accident and developed over hundreds of millions of years by continually occurring fortunate accidents, are stretching this "accident" idea to a totally unreal and ludicrous extent?

Could it be that both sides are equally wrong and at the same time could it be that both sides are equally right?

Could the truth lie right between the two as a combination of both?

Is it possible that life did in fact start from a small beginning and develop over hundreds an millions of years - but that the beginning was engineered by non-physical, intelligent, spirit-life and developed into higher and higher life forms, guided and determined every step of the way by spirit-life-intelligence - not by ludicrously impossible accidents of chemical chance?

Would you like to know more about the various groups and professions that associate with one or the other of these two opposing philosophies on life - from our illustrated eBook HERE?


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Do you think...

Do you think that there is a possibility that the story of the seven-day creation could have been a parable that was later misinterpreted as truth or was enforced as a belief of truth?

Can you see...

Can you see that the "theory" of evolution has many holes in it and that the probability of these very sophisticated human bodies just developing by accident with two exactly matching eyes as a result of these biological "accidents" with no intelligent guidance is utterly beyond the realm of possibility?

Don't you see...

Don't you see that there are some unbelievable aspects of both sides of this conflict and that neither one can be the truth even though both are pushed at us as data we are supposed to believe without any question and without getting any answers to the obvious questions that we all have - even if some of us don't admit it?

Don't you think...

Don't you think that it is far more believable that the truth is actually a combination of both a gradual evolution throughout time - but guided by intelligent creation of each change step by step as the changes were needed for changing environments?

Can you see...

Can you see that besides being easily believable and also bringing together these two still-waring factions, that this view also aligns perfectly with the truth of past lives and reincarnation into higher and higher body forms as these were developed through time - and, of course, the continuing lifetimes that we now live?

Don't you think...

Don't you think you should find out all the factual data that you can about the subjects of past lives, reincarnation and future lives so that you have the information you need to ensure you future will be a pleasant and prosperous on in an environment and with a family of your own choosing?