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Did you know that changes for the better or for the worse in mankind's systems are caused by intentional undertakings and are not random unexplainable changes?

Did you know that school children of recent generations are far less educated than those of earlier generations?

What deliberate and destructive undertaking could be causing this destructive result to our society?

Did you know that real education trains people to think for themselves and to prove data correct or incorrect for themselves - rather than just learning "facts" (which may be true or false) in a parrot-like manner?

So if changes for the better or worse are intentional and are not random, what is the intentional influence deliberately dumbing the spirit of the children in our schools?

Deliberate Dumbing of the Spirit

Deliberate Dumbing of the Spirit.

Why are our children being taught at public schools to do what they wish, rather than being taught to do what is right? Is it to deliberately set them out on the wrong path in life?

Why are tests in public schools being made simpler and simpler so that students still pass even when they shouldn't? Is it to hide the fact from parents that their children are not being schooled adequately by showing grades of A's and B's when these should really be D's and E's?

Could there be some persons or groups who want the future generation less intelligent so they can get away with actions that benefit them but harm others, with less likelihood of being noticed and stopped if the next generation are not as educated and not as bright?

Did you know that the first target of an enemy faction is to infiltrate societies and then covertly destroy the education of the new generations of those strongest nations?

Can you see that only criminally insane elements of any society would engage in such destructive actions against fellow members of mankind?

Are you interested in finding out if this is so? - and if so, are you interested in finding out who is responsible? - and finding out what their reasons for degrading the spirit and the future of the human race may be?

Who do you think may have entered their "educational expertise" into the education system to bring about this deliberate, covert, sabotage of the entire educational system?

If you want to know what has been going on you may want to check this YouTube expose'


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Are you aware that...

Are you aware that where mankind is concerned, conditions do not just deteriorate and get worse on there own - and that for things to deteriorate there must be a real intended effort to make them get worse or deliberately neglect them?

Are you aware that...

Are you aware that school pupils have been attaining lower and lower standards of education and lower and lower academic skills for years and years and that this has been hidden from you by making their examinations a lot easier and easier so that they still seem to be getting good grades even though they are not being adequately educated for success in life?

Don't you want...

Don't you want to know the real reason that schools are turning out students who can hardly read and aren't good at mathematics and can't think logically to figure out things on their own?

Don't you want...

Don't you want to know the exact point in time that the educational system was infiltrated and the tried and true methods of education were thrown out and replaced by psycho-babble methods that violate all natural laws on education and learning?

Do you know...

Do you know that there is an exact technology for the successful education of children and that this technology teaches them to think for themselves and to be able to make sound judgements on their own - not just repeat memorized information like parrots that don't comprehend what they are saying - and that this technology is a target for anyone who doesn't want bight, alert and clear-thinking youth?

Do you know...

Do you know that the first target of an enemy faction within any society is to destroy or degrade the educational system so that the future generation will not be smart or bright enough to even observe the enemy actions let alone do anything effective to stop them?

Would you like...

Would you like to know the real details about what has been going on with the educational system and what has been going on in the public schools where your children or the children of your friends and family members' are hoping to receive a good education?

Would you like...

Would you like to watch a YouTube video that explains just how the dumbing down of the population has been arranged and how this deliberate and destructive plan has been implemented to the detriment of the individual child, the future generation and the entire nation here?