This is Free the Spirit

Isn't it time to free the spirit of man from covert falsehoods by our leaders and criminal actions by "big business"?

(1) Did our leader try to talk the countries of the world into a totally fake carbon tax that would have oppressed our freedoms?

There is a lot of evidence that all the data about global warming being caused by man, is false science designed to allow a few wealthy parasitic elite to tax us more to increase their wealth and increase their control of world finances and control of our lives.

See what you think here about the "man-made" CO2 problems

(2) Have you noticed that your freedoms and personal rights are slowly and covertly being limited more and more with the excuse that it is necessary so you "can be protected?

This following link was sent to me as an explanation of what is happening to our freedoms. Perhaps, like me, you will find it rather shocking, but at the same time, agree that it should be brought out into the light and made known?

Are you interested in this confession about the oppression of the spirit of the peoples of the world? If so you should go ahead and click here to see this confession of criminal acts against mankind.

(3) Did you know it has been said that there was eliberate false information broadcast, deliberate false investments made, deliberate violation of rules and good judgement - by top Wall Street executives? And do you realize that then they are rewarded by being bailed out with your tax dollars and they are said to have used large chunks of the bail out monies to reward themselves personally financially?

Do you think these guys are criminals and should be jailed rather than given hundreds of millions of dollars? Check here and judge for yourself.