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Do you know that back in Man's history about 600 years ago, everyone "knew" that the world was flat and was the center of the universe? Can you believe that this was taught by the very wisest "authorities".

Are you aware that general acceptance of the fact that the Earth is a spherical globe was very slow and those who were amongst the first to agree with this truth were ridiculed and sometimes persecuted? But I think that you can see that gradually the truth spread and became known by all?

The same mistreatment occurred to those who agreed with the discovery that Earth is a planet circling a minor star at the edge of a huge galactic cluster of billions of stars and not at the center of the universe.

You can see that it takes a while for these "false truths" to give way to actual truth - especially when there are "authorities" whose income and wealth depend on the "false truths" remaining in place.

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Great Myths

You should know that there are equally absurd "false truths" in today's world, being held in place by "authorities" whose wealth depends on this. Do you think that our children's children will be in dismay that we could be so ignorant to ever believe such stupidity, just as we are dismayed at the ignorance of those who believed in a flat world?

Are you your body? Or conversely, is your body you? I'm sure that you have discovered that current "authorities" say that you are. Could this be one of those great myths that fills their pockets with your money? But did you know that that myth is easily disproved by simply saying to oneself, "I have a body", and then asking oneself, "so what is this other part called 'I' that has the body?" That is the real you - the intelligent personality that thinks and decides and uses that body.

Have you been hit by this other myth - that your brain is your mind? Or conversely, your mind is your brain? The present day "false truth" or "great myth" is that "the brain IS the mind" or alternately "the brain and the mind ARE the same thing".

Can you see the fact that many people remember their past lives disproves this myth completely? I'm sure that you agree the brain dies and everything in it dies when a person dies so it can't be the brain that thinks and remembers past lives - or remembers anything else. Can you see that if it were, no past life memories would survive death? (And yes, we know the reasons why other people can't remember their past lives - it's pain and unpleasantness in those lives that people don't want to remember.) See page Past Life Mind.

Those "false authorities" who depend for their wealth on keeping mankind ignorant of its own nature, must of course hold this "false truth" tightly in place with false propaganda and pretended "authority"?

The fact is that the spirit is the mind and the spirit controls the body via the brain. The mind (spirit) and the brain at not, have never been, and will never be the same thing regardless of what "authorities" say otherwise.

Would you like to learn the truth about what you really are - other than your body - from our eProducts concerning past lives and reincarnation?


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Did you know...

Did you know that, just as there were false myths about the wold and about life in the ancient times in mankinds history, there are also untrue myths about life in current society today?

Did you know...

Did you know that you are taught untrue myths in order to keep you ignorant of your true nature so that you will continue to spend money on products designed to swell the bank accounts of industries who don't have your well-being as their first priority?

Are you aware...

Are you aware that when you are told that your brain is your mind or you mind is your brain that this is totally false and is a current day myth of gigantic proportions?

Do you know that your brain can't think or compute or decide or make pictures to remember with or do anything creative at all - and that it is you as a Spirit and you alone that has all these capabilities?

Did you know that the brain is simply the switchboard that you as a Spirit use to control the body and that is behaves according to where and how you put an energy flow into it with your Spirit-intention/thought?

Are you aware...

Are you aware that when you are taught that you are your body and that your body is you that this is false and is also a myth of gigantic proportions?

Why don't you try asking yourself, "Who does this body belong to?" and see if you give yourself the answer, "Me".

Then why don't you try asking yourself, "Who does the thinking?" and see if you give yourself the answer, "Me". (If you give yourself the answer, "My brain" then ask yourself, "Who does this brain belong to?" and you'll find you give yourself the answer, "Me."

So now do you want to try asking yourself, "What is this third part called 'Me' that owns 'my' body and 'my' mind?"

Can you see that that third and most important part is the real YOU - the intelligence - the Spirit and that you are a separate and superior part to your body and your mind?

Can you agree...

Can you agree now that there are some big false myths in today's society and that you will be a lot better off knowing that they are false myths and that you can know the truth and feel a lot better for knowing?

Would you like to find out more truths from our eBooks concerning past lives and reincarnation and your ability as a Spirit to move out of the body and have out-of-body experiences?