(9) Gun laws and gun ownership restrictions, allow criminal government abuse.

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Wherever gun laws have banned private ownership of guns there has been wholesale slaughter of the population.

The only people empowered by gun control laws are governments and criminals. History's worst serial killers have been governments.

On June 26, 1915 after confiscating their guns, the annihilation of 1,500,000 Armenians in Turkey began. Gun control did not bring safety to people.

In 1930, after years of gun control, 10 million Ukrainians were killed by the USSR, by starvation or being shot. Gun control did not bring safety here.

By 1935 the Nationalist government of China forbade firearms and from 1942-44 four million people died from starvation when the government took their crops. Another four million were murdered when they didn't want to join the military. Gun control did not result in safety.

In 1937 the women and children of Nanking, China, were left defenseless against Japanese invaders because gun control forbid them to defend themselves. They were raped, buried alive, burned alive and forced to watch as their own organs were cut out of them. Gun control did not protect them.

In 1949 the Chinese Communist takeover brought about the murder of another 35 million. Some historians put the death toll as high as 100 million. Chairman Mao said that guns in only government hands are the ultimate source of all political power. No safety as a result of gun control here.

From 1938 over 5 million Jews and many political opponents, pacifists, Slavs, Gypsies and others were murdered during Hitler's regime. Nearly 21 million people perished under Hitler because they had been rendered defenseless by gun control laws that resulted in atrocities, not in safety.

As Pol Pot seized power in Cambodia in 1975 he set out to disarm the population. His goal was to decrease the population from 7 million to 1 million. His brutal murdering was stopped but the death toll was still 2,035,000 murdered. Gun control did not bring safety to these people.

Before the 1971 rise to power of Idi Amin in Uganda, gun laws had made it illegal to own firearms. Amin immediately called for the slaughter of all soldiers whose loyalty he questioned. Over 16,000 men disappeared over the next few months. Chaos broke out and in the end 300,000 were brutally murdered. Gun control did not bring safety to Uganda.

Gun laws didn't help the defenseless Tutsis of Rwanda in 1994. Unarmed, in just 100 days 800,000 Tutsis were slaughtered. Gun control did not result in safety for these people.

Targeting innocents for elimination is not something from the past, but continues all over the world today in places like Tibet, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Sudan, etc. Mix together hatred, government and defenseless citizens and what do you get? Millions of innocents slaughtered.

America's early disarmament laws were targeted against only one race in order to keep them helpless. In the 19th century up to 4 million Blacks were slaves and had no rights. States carried laws that forbade even free Blacks from carrying firearms. And stripping the Indians of guns certainly didn't make them safer against the better-armed Whites. Just as in other countries, gun control laws in early America were used to target some minority groups and to render them helpless.

On October 16, 1991 at Luby's Cafe in Killeen, Texas, gun control laws had deadly consequences for 23 people who were murdered by a lone gunman. A young doctor was helpless to protect her parents from being murdered when during the killing spree she remembered that her gun was in her car because it was illegal for her to carry it in her purse.

Gun laws also proved fatal on the morning of August 23, 2000 for the Carpenter children who lived in a rural community in California. Even though all five Carpenter children knew how to shoot, California law requires that guns be locked away from them. The children were left defenseless against an intruder armed with a pitchfork.

The banning of guns is sure death for millions of the innocent population concerned wherever it occurs.








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