Your Future Life -
Should You Be Concerned About
Your Next Lifetime?

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This subject includes the various topics below with links to pages where the topics are presented for you to think about and decide for yourself. Below the links is some advice for you to consider on the subject of your future life...








If the carpenter from Nazareth who founded a great world religion said not to look for heaven as a place, because it is within you ...

...and if the last late Pope, John Paul II, said that heaven and hell are not places but are spiritual states ...

...and if several billion people on Earth are correct and we do continue to come back over and over again into different baby bodies each lifetime, then should your future lifetimes be of concern to you? Could it be like being in heaven or like being in hell, depending or how much help you are (or how much harm you are) to yourself and to other people in this lifetime?

Would you want to come back into a new baby body in a country where there are no personal freedoms, no security or safety and where atrocities are an every-day occurrence?

Would you want to came back into a female baby body in a culture that treats women as property to be beaten and mistreated and forbidden to learn or drive or talk to males?

Would you want to come back in a future life and, as you grow from baby to child, have to attend a school system that has no valid learning but merely indoctrinates students robot-style on what the government wants them to believe - and drugs the students with enforced mind-altering drugs?

Would you want to come back as a baby to a third-world country where illness is rife and food is scarce and many babies die terrible starving deaths?

Would you want to come back and spend your childhood in some part of the world where the child sex-trade is thriving unchecked and your family is very poor and hires you out to this terrible fate as a money source?

Surely such circumstances could qualify as "hell"?

Even if you are somehow lucky enough to end up back in some more "heavenly" society, if you fail to protect your freedoms and allow them to be gradually whittled away (with reasonable explanations of why it is necessary) then next life could you end up in a vastly changed society that has lost the personal freedoms and security that you may have until now, enjoyed?

Isn't it a rather shocking truth that you do have a responsibility for the future of society - to ensure that it is a good, honest, fair and secure society - because you will be in it - and to the degree you don't do anything about bad conditions, you will be receipt of them (even more deteriorated) in your next lifetime?

Could it be that failing to take responsibility for creating a good future for society and for yourself, is a sin that results in a "hellish" future in the next lifetime here on Earth?

A Future Life

Why is it important to fight any government or organization attempts to take away your freedoms, dumb down your schools, push drugs on babies and mothers and children, allow child pornography, allow mistreatment of women and other injustices?

How is sitting by and doing nothing but complain, asking for trouble in your future life times? If it is true that you will be back here with the same awareness, same feelings, same desires and hopes - could they all be unattainable in some future dark age? - And could that all be because you didn't take responsibility to fix things while you had the chance?

Demand your government follow the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Demand that your government follow your country's constitution and that they create laws that benefit all the good people and protect them from the few hateful people who would rather see other people fail and succumb than to see them succeed and thrive.

Do everything in your power to keep such destructive people out of government and leadership positions?

Always look at what leaders "do" and at the affect of their "actions", and don't just believe, unthinkingly, what they "say" with fancy words?

How can you do something about all these things?

You can write letters, send emails, make phone calls, make visits and protest and stop actions that are not for the benefit of the many - or that pretend covertly to be beneficial while actually being harmful to the future society and your own future lives?

See what else you can do to help by CHECKING FUTURE LIFE SOLUTIONS, HERE!


Universal Declaration of Human Rights

United For Human Rights

Youth For Human Rights

A Solution In All Languages

Report Psychiatric Abuse

Future of Freedom Foundation

Online Fund-raising

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Do you want...

Do you want to be able to have some control over where you will be born in your next lifetime or don't you care if you end up in a third world slum with few amenities and many health hazards?

Would you like...

Would you like there to be a decent society with personal freedoms and rights for you to come back to in your next lifetime or don't you care if you have to come back into a dictatorship with few rights and freedoms and dictated education, living and working conditions and little
or no pleasures?

Do you care...

Do you care if you come back into a female baby body and grow up to be a woman in a land where all females are strictly limited in their personal freedoms, are not even permitted education, are frequently mistreated, punished and even killed if they do the wrong thing?

Is it wise...

Is it wise for people to shrug off unwanted future changes and social deterioration by saying "I'll be dead by then and won't have to worry about it", when the truth is that they will be born back into it, whatever it becomes?

Should you...

Should you do everything in your power during your current life, to ensure that there will be a free and decent society to come back to when you are born into your next lifetime or should you shrug off responsibility for your future and risk a miserable, stressful and even painful next lifetime?

Shouldn't you...

Shouldn't you put some of your energy and time into supporting movements that work for the betterment of mankind such as promoting and enforcing Human Rights, Drug Prevention, Criminal Rehabilitation, Tutoring, Resolving Conflicts, Stopping Mental Patient Oppression, Preventing Child Abuse and Elderly Abuse and
other similar things?

If we were all to just do a little in one of these areas or another wouldn't that ensure that there will be an improved society for you to came back to and if you did this yourself wouldn't you decide to reward yourself by coming back to a good and decent family?

Do you know...

Do you know the 30 Human Rights that were supposed to be given to you and all people by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Do you know how important these rights are and how important it is to help push them into national constitutions and laws so that they are really guaranteed to all of us in our future lives?

Do you want to check them HERE?