When You Have Past Life Knowledge

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Can real knowledge of the fact of past lives and of reincarnation into continuous consecutive lives, result in having "no death fear"?

In past history, were warriors who were aware of past lives and reincarnation unusually brave and difficult to defeat because they were not particularly worried about the loss of one more body in defense of a good cause?

How did Julius Cesar, Emperor of Rome, regard the ancient Druid warriors of Europe, who knew these facts?

Was natural death in those times, by those who had this knowledge, equally without fear?

No Fear Of Death

Does this also hold true in today's world - do those who have full and certain knowledge of past lives and reincarnation also have no fear when coming to the termination of another body in a long succession of bodies?

Is a medically drugged state detrimental to the departing spirit at body death, making the spirt less aware and less able to control where it will obtain the next baby body for the new life?

Is an individual who faces a natural death more likely to be able to back out of the body's head with full 360 degree perceptian and be in control of where to obtain the next baby body?

How does one gain more knowledge of past lives and reincarnation into future lives?

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Would you like...

Would you like to have enough certainty of the subjects of past lives, death and reincarnation into new baby bodies that you had absolutely no fear of the simple fact of death at all?

Have you wondered...

Have you wondered why some people have a very easy death and slip away calmly with a smile on the body's lips while others continue to cling desperately to their dying body as though they as a spirit are dying rather than simply losing a worn out body?

Could death be...

Could death be a great shock to a spirit that has no understanding of the fact that it will lose the family members, friends, possessions and current day society that it has been so accustomed to.

But if the person understand this and is prepared to make a change into a new body in a new family and grow up in a society that has advanced forward - and grow to make new friends - will death be an adventure rather than a shock?

If the late Pope...

If the late Pope, John Paul II said that heaven and hell are not places but are spiritual states and that the scriptures have been misinterpreted, and if other ministers and church leaders have said similar things - including the carpenter from Nazareth who began a great world religion - doesn't it seem that the state we find ourselves in for our future lifetimes will depend on the way we live our current life?

Don't you want...

Don't you want to find out everything you can about past lives, death and reincarnation into new bodies, so that you can be in control when you depart your current body to obtain a new one - so you don't end up in a third world country with no security, no personal rights, no real education and no decent living conditions?

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