Oppression of the Spirit by Taxation
Has Occured in Your Past Lives
and Threatens Your Current and Future Lives

This page is about freedom from oppression by taxation.

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Could you have lived in ancient times when criminal land-owners would brutally rob you of you hard-grown food crops or hard-earned money with the justification it was required "taxation"?

Do you ever feel that the complexity of the current tax system on your hard-earned income and the burden of taxation under the present system is stressfully oppressive to your joy for life and therefore your spiritual well being?

If things continue the way they are going, your future and you future lives will be a hell under ever-increasing oppressive taxation.

Politicians of both parties benefit from placing this oppressive tax burden on you and the situation will not change unless the demand for change is loud, strong and continuous.

Burdensome taxation

Overwhelming Taxation.

How would you like it if all tax on income were to be canceled and a fair consumption tax be used in its place?

Would you like to never have to fill out a tax form ever again?

Would you feel relief from the burden of taxation and feel more buoyant as a spirit if the complicated tax code and tax burden were gone for ever?

You can help to abolish the income tax and create an economic boom.

Check this link and see if you want to be like hundreds of thousands of other people demanding this new fair tax system. FAIR TAX.

You can find out where to read about attempts to oppress the spirit of Manking here > Oppression




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Do you agree...

Do you agree that you should be able to keep all the money that you earn and that the IRS should be abolished and you should only pay tax when you spend your money on non-essential items - by paying a national consumption tax that would be added to the price of non-essential goods that you purchase?

Do you agree...

Do you agree that the IRS is guilty of oppressive actions and has taken far too much power and that the stories of their abuse of power and their actions that have ruined the lives of citizens are actions that must not be tolerated in a democratic Republic where the rule of just law governs the country - not arbitrary oppressive actions?

Are you aware...

Are you aware that in Western Civilization and elsewhere, there is a long history of oppressive taxation that holds down the creativeness and productivity of the population and it does not resolve ever until the people rise up against it and demand change - sometimes with pitchforks and wooden sticks in their hands?

Are you aware...

Are you aware that there is a fair alternative tax system to the current oppressive one and that the new fair system would do away with the oppressive IRS and their unjust actions and the new fair system would never require a citizen to ever have to fill out a tax form again?

Have you heard that this system is called the FAIR TAX and it has been worked out by experts and proven by computer model simulations to be fair and just for all citizens?

If you would you like to hear more details about it from the experts, then you may want to click here? THE FAIR TAX.EXPLAINED.