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Out Of Body Experiences Here Now

Are you interested in reading and viewing an inexpensive eBook that clearly relates and illustrates thirty different out of body experiences by real people who are just like you?

Did you know that these fascinating true stories show that such incidents can occur for many different reasons – due to exhilaration, while experiencing serenity, because of necessity, due to stress, during accidents, because of violence or threat, in the middle of medical operations, etc?

Are you interested in the fact that these people also make it clear that there are many different kinds of perception during such incidents?

You probably have heard that some of such experiences are traumatic and truly near-death occurrences where the person almost loses his or her body for good?

Did you know however, that many of these experiences are joyful and the person is in full control of his or her body from a point outside of it?

Are you interested in the fact that these related happenings also make it very, very clear that the “life” in the body is the spirit (the personality or intelligence) and that the spirit-self can perceive in great clarity without the need of the body’s eyes?

Do you want to experience the fascination and the startling variety of these revelations and the fact that they can occur when a person is having a winning time or when having a losing time?

Are you interested in the fact that each of these thirty occurrences has an illustration to help make it more real to you?

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Want to know...

Want to know about the young boy who decided that he could
not stand to be in the family he was part of and how his decision began an out-of-body experience that resulted in the death of his body - yet he changed his mind and was able to start the body going again before it became permanent?

Like to know...

Like to know what happened to a young man who was injured on the head by a heavy pipe falling on him while he was in a warehouse and how that resulted in an unusual occurrence for him?

Curious about...

Curious about the old man who knew it was getting close to time to get rid of his old unsatisfactory body, so he went on a test run to see what things would be like to not have a body?

Want to read...

Want to read about the lady who went for a dangerous tumble down the stairs and then had to figure out what other strange situation she was in, concerning her body?

Like to read...

Like to read about how it took getting shot in the head for one guy to realize what he really was and then he felt thankful to the criminal who shot him?

Curious to know...

Curious to know what it must be like to be riding on a horse one moment and the next moment
be watching your body riding the horse - from a location many feet distant?

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