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Out-of-body experiences really do happen with many people - and are not "imagination" or "hallucination" as the mental health practitioners want people to believe?

Did you know that out-of-body experiences can occur for many different reasons - stress, pain, accomplishment, fear, pleasure, success, etc?

The senior part of you - the thinking part that is intelligent and caring - can move outside of your body and thereby shows conclusively that you are not just a body, but are the precious, amazing, intelligent life that inhabits the body and keeps it alive and operating?

Outside the Body

Outside the Body

Isn't it exciting that this senior, thinking, intelligent part of you is the "real you" - and that you are not part of the physical universe and have no physical aspects - but that you are senior and superior to physical things and have limitless qualities? We can all operate into the physical universe and take ownership of a physical body of a developing baby fetus so we can "play the game of life" in the playground of the physical universe.

Isn't it exciting to you that this "real you" can exist outside the body and can see directly without needing to use the body's eyes, and can continue to operate the body and keep it alive from a distance?

Did you know that death is just another out-of-body experience where the "real you" switches from a warn-out or damaged old body to a newly developing fetus and thus a new baby body?

Have you ever had the feeling that your body was within you rather than you being within your body - where you felt you enveloped and surrounded and permeated your body?

Have you ever had a real out of body experience yourself - where you could see your own body from a point outside of it?

Would you like to read the details of the different kinds of such experiences that people like you have written about HERE?



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Have you experienced...

Have you experienced a going-out-of-body "trip"?

Did you know that going out-of-body is a factual "trip" and such "trips" can be very fleeting or quite long lasting?

Did you know that such trips occur for many reasons, such as: great joy, great sorrow, injury, medical anesthesia, decision to do so and of course at death?

Can you see that an out-of-body trip also has to occur between lives when one is discarding an old no-longer-useful body to obtain a newly-developing baby body?

What's a good trip...

What's a good trip then? Does a Spirit in good condition that has kept basic integrity and honor and has lived lives of real helpfulness and decency while in physical bodies have good trips?

Do you think that such a Spirit, going on out-of-body trips will experience truly joyful occurrences with sharp vision and certainty of location and movement? Could out-of-body trips of this kind be described as "heavenly"?

What's a bad trip...

What's a bad "trip" then? Would a Spirit in poor condition, who has failed to keep basic integrity and honor and has not lived lives of decency and helpfulness while in physical bodies be subject to bad trips?

Could such a Spirit going on out-of-body trips experience truly unpleasant occurrences with little vision and no certainty of whereabouts and movement and possibly slam back into the body in considerable pain and in great bewilderment. Could out-of-body trips of this kind be described as "hellish"?

What types of trips...

What types of trips are there? Could there be many different kinds of out-of-body experiences?

Would you like to read about them to see if some of them have occurred with you?

Would you like to read about them as described first-hand by those who experienced them - in our book REAL OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES?