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How to analyze your acceptance of past lives and reincarnation.

(a) Take a piece of paper and pen
(b) Write down numbers 1 to 11 in a column
(c) Read each question below and write a Y (yes) or N (no) next to each number according to how you answer each of the questions
(d) Add up and write down the total number of Y's and the total number of N's
(e) Then click the Results link below question 11 to get your analysis.

1. Does the fact of evolution rule out the possibility that spiritual intelligence could be causing the evolution?
Yes O No O

2. Does it take huge long periods of time for viruses and germs to change and adapt to changing conditions?
Yes O No O

3. Does it necessarily take millions of years for a plant, insect or animal species to develop a new trait?
Yes O No O

4. If spiritual entities motivate living things is it unreasonable that what they learn in several lifetimes could be used to adapt some change to their bodies over the next several lifetimes rather than over several million years?
Yes O No O

5. Does the fact that people can’t remember past lives without unburdening the trauma and stresses from their current life, mean that they haven’t lived before?
Yes O No O

6. Is it unreasonable to wonder if non-religious knowledge of spiritual existence is being suppressed from school systems and withheld from children by the insistence that only evolution be taught in schools?
Yes O No O

7. If spiritual beings are the actual life in people and in other living things and if spiritual beings are not affected by gravity, is it unreasonable to think they could have created and evolved living organisms and maybe even people on other suitable planets?
Yes O No O

8. Is it true that the mind and the brain are exactly the same thing and that memories are only physical etchings in the brain and are not energy images that can be made and unmade by the spiritual being?
Yes O No O

9. Is it true that personality traits are passed on by genes in the body cells the way physical traits are passed on, and that they are not the individual characteristics of the spiritual being who takes over a new baby body?
Yes O No O

10. Is it beyond possibility that a spiritual being could “walk in” to an adult body that was being abandoned by the original spiritual personality (due to a drowning, drug overdose, accident or operation) and that the new being’s communication about that occurrence may not be hallucination from the accident as is commonly supposed?
Yes O No O

11. People in the subject of Metaphysics are busy searching for the smallest particles that makes up the physical universe. Is it beyond possibility that spiritual beings (who have no physical characteristics) create the smallest particles as their basic operation in the physical universe?
Yes O No O



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