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Can you imagine what a startling change it is for us adult spirits when we have to depart our bodies at the point they are of no further use to us and we get to return as babies, arriving into the world in our new bodies - after the pain, stress and possible violence of a previous death - followed by the riggers (and possible violence) of a term of pregnancy - followed by the riggers and possible pain of birth itself?

Dawn of a New Life

The Dawn of a New Life

Does recognizing past life babies as adult spirits who are newly returned, and crammed into tiny bodies with soft bones that can't support the body's weight, weak muscles that make movements difficult and the inability to care for themselves, help make the existence of these new (re)arrivals much better?

Can you see that this situation poses some interesting questions?

Could a spirit who spoke the same language in its previous life as its new parents speak, understand what they are talking about?

Could a spirit who spoke a different language in its previous life than its new parents speak now, have a far harder job learning to talk again?

Could a spirit who had a frightening death in its past life be a very upset baby in its new life?

Could a skill learned very expertly in a previous life be carried over into a new life and bring about a brilliant child prodigy?

More complete information and answers to these questions are detailed, along with the correct ways to regard and treat a new-born child, in our eBooks, Confirming Reincarnation, the chapter on Birth, and Past Life Poetry, These eBooks can be viewed here at our eBook selection.


Surrogate Mother Information

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Could your child...

Could your child be a departed family member returned to your family - or a departed special friend wanting to be with you again?

Is it possible...

Is it possible that you lived previously as your own great grandparent or as some other of your own ancestors.

Could it be...

Could it be that a child prodigy is a spirit that retains the skills learned in a previous lifetime?

How long should...

How long should it take for a spirit that has recently departed a worn-out adult body to learn to control a new baby body with soft bones that can't support the body's standing weight, and weak muscles that can't easily control the body's limbs, digits and voice box?

Are many babies...

Are many babies still suffering the tremendous loss of past family members, past friends and past possessions when the spirit arrives in the new body - and are some of them still suffering terror from unpleasant violent deaths?

Are parents who...

Are parents who keep their baby's surroundings safe and calm going to have a far happier and healthier baby and child than parents who allow their baby to overhear upsets and violence?

Do you want...

Do you want to find out more about past lives and reincarnation into new bodies and future lives? Would you like to check this data on an e-Book that gives helpful information about Past and Future Lives?