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Are you aware of this past life betrayal and current day betrayal - this devious, disgusting betrayal of troubled people needing genuine help?

Did you know that a so-called "legitimate" industry, physically and spiritually harms millions of people every year under the covert guise of offering "help" to these troubled people who are persuaded to trust them - and did you know that this "help" results in tens of thousands of very unpleasant deaths?



Are you strong enough to watch a full length (18 part) YouTube expose' on the spiritual and physical harm this fraudulent industry is doing to our country, to our world and to mankind - this past life betrayal continuing to current day?

Find out what you can do to help protect our world and the precious spirits of mankind from this devious and deceitful scourge just be notifying a special group of things your know are not right and you wouldn't like to have happen to you.

Did you know that, fortunately for us all, there is an international watchdog group with state-of-the-art facilities and worldwide reach to monitor this industry all over the world and alert law enforcement to their criminal acts?

And did you know you can help them do their job by letting them know about abuses that you find out about?

As a result of this group's good work, dozens of psychiatry's largest facilities have been closed down and scores of their practitioners have been prosecuted, fined and jailed for their disgusting actions against innocent people.

Be tough and to learn the horrible truth about this fake subject and the continuous harm it is doing to mankind due to its false technology and desire to make money (at any cost to its patient-victims). CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT.

Get all the detailed facts, exact statistics and undeniable proof and find out what you can do to help rid the world of this deceitful industry and the harm that it does to mankind - you can do so at the Favored Link below.


Citizens Commission on Human Rights


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Does it shock you...

Does it shock you to learn that psychiatrists have a higher percent of convicted criminals in their ranks than any other profession?

Does it surprise you...

Does it surprise you to know that psychiatrists commit suicide more frequently than members of any other profession?

Does it alarm you...

Does it alarm you to know that over 42,000 people die from psychiatry's psychotropic drugs every year and that over 700,000 more have sever adverse reactions?

Does it astound you..

Does it astound you that after government inquiries in Russia found psychiatry's psychotropic drugs so fraudulent and so very dangerous that the Kremlin banned all such drugs from the entire country?

Does it astonish you..

Does it astonish you to learn that after government inquiries in Italy, the psychiatric profession was found to be so fraudulent that the government closed down every single mental institution in the entire country?

Does it daze you...

Does it daze you to learn that there is no scientific basis for
any of psychiatry's teachings
or practices and that the entire subject is one of fraud and pretense with their Diagnostic Manual a farce of pretended diseases that have no medical tests to prove their existence and no other basis than being "voted" as being a disease - with over 50% of the voting panel taking money from drug companies to do so?

Does all this...

Does all this make you want to get the full truth about psychiatry's betrayal HERE?