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Does "CONFIRMING REINCARNATION - Past and Future Lives". interest you as an eBook? Do Past Life Books that are easily down-loadable to your PC without the need of special software to read, enjoy and learn from, interest you?

Can you get the concept of the cover painting depicting two stylized, bodiless spirits in the period after the loss of their previous bodies - before assuming new developing bodies prior to birth?

Can you get the idea that the green spirit had an easy departure from its body and is comforting the spirit shown yellow and brown?

Can you see the yellow spirit is devastated after a violent death and departure from its shattered body (represented by bowed head, distorted torso and blood-red images encircle it)?

Are you interested in the fact this Past Life Books eBook has 29 chapters, 39 illustrations and 78 pages with contents page and bibliography?

Would you like to know that the eBook looks at and attempts to resolve any apparent conflicts in the knowledge of reincarnation in a long list of subjects?

Are you interested in: how long mankind has known about reincarnation, how some religions have suppressed knowledge of it, how past life experiences can affect current life romance, how gender confusion comes about, why some professions oppose people knowing about reincarnation, how suicide doesn't resolve anything for the spirit, how punishment and denial of reincarnation degrades the entire society, as well as the real problem with wars, etc?

Do you like the fact that this book also resolves: questions about animal reincarnations, how ghosts are different from spirits, how lie detectors can give false readings due to past lives, the actual facts about death and about re-birth and unknown consequences of abortion?

Do you like that in this eBook you will also find: the startling facts about genetics and racial differences in relation to an individuals actual past, how some ministers and the late Pope define heaven and hell as being spiritual states and not places and even how artificial bodies can be motivated by living spirits?

Do you want "CONFIRMING REINCARNATION - Past and Future Lives" at a special price even though it brings you adventure into the previously unknown, discovery of new facts, knowledge of important truths and reassurance of your futures?


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Do you know...

Do you know all the history of reincarnation knowledge back though past societies on Earth - which societies had knowledge of
it and what they knew about it?

Are you aware...

Are you aware which of the great religions originally taught facts of reincarnation but no longer do so and the reason for this change in the teachings?

Would you like...

Would you like to learn why some subjects and professions are so opposed to the obvious truth of reincarnation for financial reasons or reasons of power?

Do you want...

Do you want to know why it is that past lives can throw the results of lie detectors way off accuracy and the consequences that can come about?

Are you interested...

Are you interested in knowing just exactly what occurs at the death of one's current body and then what exactly happens to one after that occurrence?

Are you familiar...

Are you familiar with which of the human traits are carried forward
by genetics and which ones are carried forward by the spirit from earlier lifetimes?

Do you understand...

Do you understand why it is that the strange subject of cryonics is fraudulent and can never bring a dead and frozen body back to life in the future?

Do you want...

Do you want to know how past life associations can affect current life associations and how a past life romance can repeat in a current lifetime - with complications sometimes?

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