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Past Life Calculator

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How to calculate future life conditions.

(a) Take a piece of paper and pen
(b) Write down numbers 1 to 11 in a column
(c) Read each question below and write a Y (yes) or N (no) next to each number according to how you answer each of the questions
(d) Add up and write down the total number of Y's and the total number of N's
(e) Then click the Results link below question 11 to get your calculation.

1. If a spiritual being has no color or race and could be reborn in a body of any race, is it possible that racial prejudice could adversely affect your future lives?
Yes O No O

2. If a spiritual being has no gender and could be reborn in either a male or female body, is it possible that gender bias/sexual prejudice or harassment could adversely affect your future lives?
Yes O No O

3. If a spiritual being has no native religion and could be reborn into a family of a different religion in the next life, could religious bigotry and prejudice adversely affect you in your next life?
Yes O No O

4. If people are reincarnated into baby bodies, could child abuse adversely affect you in a future life?
Yes O No O

5. If people are reincarnated into new bodies and criminals are mistreated by society or executed, is it more likely they will exhibit violence against society in their next life - and that it might harm you?
Yes O No O

6. If people are reincarnated into baby bodies is it likely that someone who has a violent death could come back as a very upset and unhappy baby?
Yes O No O

7. If “enemies” killed in war are reincarnated into bodies in your own culture, could they harbor feelings of revenge and seek to destroy the culture from within to retaliate - and could that harm you?
Yes O No O

8. If you have a body of the same sex for several lifetimes and then get a body of the opposite sex but are reluctant about making that adjustment, could it make you confused about your sexuality in the new life?
Yes O No O

9. If you were to make an absolute decision to only have bodies that are male or only have bodies that are female, but then get a baby body of the wrong sex, could that absolute decision make you feel you are in the wrong body and want to get a sex change operation so your body is the other sex?
Yes O No O

10. If you fail to take responsibility for some social injustice (such as allowing mind-altering dangerous drugs to be given to children or old people) could you end up having that done to you in your next life body?
Yes O No O

11. If you don’t take a stand to protect human rights and personal freedoms in your current life could these rights continue to become less, so that you have very few rights and freedoms in your next life?
Yes O No O



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Does the...

Does the current deteriorating condition of the society make you concerned about what the society you will be born back into might deteriorate to?

Are you...

Are you concerned about whether you will end up with a male or a female body in your next lifetime?

Do you...

Do you want to be born back into a society and world where there are still personal freedoms and rights or don't you mind at all if the society you arrive back into is
a slave society with third World conditions of rampant crime and violence?

Should you...

Should you be active in helping
to preserve human rights and freedoms in this life time to help ensure that the society in the future that you will return to, will be a decent, safe, crime-free place for you to grow up in for your new lifetimes?

Would you...

Would you like to review the 30 articles of your own human rights as laid down for all people in the official "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" at this link here?

Have you...

Have you become familiar with your country's constitution and the rights that it gives to the citizens of your country?

Would you like to look at the Bill of Rights that the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of the United States of America gives to its citizens here?

Will you...

Will you have a quick review of our page describing our downloadable eBook, Confirming Reincarnation - Past and Future Lives, to see if you could be interested in the in-depth knowledge about these subjects that is presented in this easy-to-read volume here?