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Past Life Disclaimer

Past Life Disclaimer

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You can have...

You can have our assurance that to the best of our knowledge and the best of our ability the data you will find on this site is true and is accurate - however, we are human and we are not perfect so we give no absolute assurances and make no absolute guarantees to this fact.

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You can also have our assurance that we do not pretend to know more about you and your own past lives than you do and we do not engage in fraudulent attempts to tell you who you were or what you were doing in your past lives as it is dishonest to do so.

If you want...

If you want a site that pretends that they can tell you about your past lives when they have never had you in a counseling session then you have come to the wrong place.

If you want a site that knows a great deal of actual data about past lives and about out-of-body experiences then you have come to the right site.

If you like...

If you like to explore, discover, learn, be entertained and have
fun, then we endeavor to fill these requirements as we continue to build this site for you to access and refer to you friends and associates.

Past lives and out-of-body experiences are factual and we endeavour to present fact about these fascinating truths.

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