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Isn't it true that if we all have past lives we must have experienced past deaths?

How else would it be that we are no longer in an earlier body but are in the body we have now?

If we don't want unpleasant elderly experiences but have died out of past lives elderly situations and must do so again, then elderly care that makes the final years pleasant and makes death easy and dignified, should be of vital importance to all of us shouldn't it?

If, when you have an elderly body, you are treated respectfully and acknowledged as a vital spirit with a body that have grown old, won't you age well and have a good life to the body's end?

But if, when your body is old, you are treated only as an old body and you are warehoused away and your frail body is made toxic with unnecessary and ineffective medical drugs - and you are drugged into a silent stupors to make you "easily manageable", won't you be very miserable in old age?

Elderly At Sunset

Have you heard that those who live happiest longest, know that they are spirits occupying bodies that are aging and that they also tend to lead natural lives, detoxifying their bodies by eating good healthy organic raw food, loving themselves and spreading their love to others?

Wouldn't knowing that they are separate from their bodies and that they do not die when the body dies and that they live again be of immense comfort to them?

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Do you agree...

Do you agree that if you have had past lives you must have had past deaths when each old body was of no further use and you had to leave it and find a newly-developing baby body to start the next life?

Do you agree...

Do you agree that when your body is old and frail that you will want to be treated respectfully as a vital, intelligent spirit who just happens to have an aging body and you will not want to be disrespected and considered to be just a useless old body?

Do you think...

Do you think that when your current body grows old and frail that you will want to be shut away from life and activity and drugged into stupefied silence and inactivity for the "convenience" of others?

Don't you think...

Don't you think that it is a good idea to find out as much as you can about reincarnation and leaving a worn-out body to obtain a newly developing one, way before you ever need to experience this necessary action?

Could it be...

Could it be that somehow we will be more likely treated, ourselves, in the final years of our current bodies, as we treat others in the final years of their current bodies?

Does it take...

Does it take all that much extra effort to smile and look into the eyes of an elderly person to contact the beautiful spirit that is living in there and say a kindly hello to the spirit rather than talking in an uncaring way to the old body?

Why don't you...

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