Could You Be Your Own
Great Grandchild?

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What do we mean by past life family?

Is it possible that reincarnations into a new body in the same family, the same genetic line, do occur?

Is it possible that an individual spirit, in an earlier body, may have been the parent of one of his or her parents' parents - or their parents?

Could a spirit in its present body have been the intelligence and life (the spirit) in the body of one of its own genetic ancestors?

Could one end up being in the body of a genetic line he fathered or she gave birth to and so virtually be his or her own great grandchild or great, great grandchild - or great niece or nephew, etc.

Family Sunset

What about this interesting possibility? When a man is killed some time shortly after impregnating his partner, is it possible that, as a spirit, he could claim the body that he, as the woman's partner, physically fathered while in that last body - making him (in a manner of speaking) his own father?

Is it possible that if the spirit of a family member claims a baby body that is conceived in that same genetic family - and then, through some misfortune that baby body is not viable and dies, the spirit may want to be in that family with sufficient determination that it would wait and claim the next body that is conceived?

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Could you have...

Could you have possibly lived in an earlier body as one of your own genetic ancestors and have taken a new body down the line in the same genetic family?

Is it possible...

Is it possible that the spirit of one of your while ancestors could now the spirit in the Asian or African or Latino child down the street from you now?

Or that the life-spirit of your own Latino, African or Asian ancestor is now in the body of your white neighbor?

Is it true...

Is it true that as spirits we are all siblings and that racial divides are artificially created by those who wish to cause people harm by turning them against each other because of physical differences when beneath it all we are all like one another as spirits and could come back into a new body in any race or family?

If it happened...

If it happened to be true that the family of a different race than your own race, living next door or down the street or across town, were now bringing up the life-spirit of one of your beloved ancestors in a new body as one of their own family members, would he or she not want to be treated still with the love you once showed to that same spirit in the earlier body in your own family?

Do you want...

Do you want to find out more about the complications and basic simplicities that accompany the simple fact of past lives and reincarnation into new bodies each lifetime? Do you want to know what to look for and what to avoid when it comes time to obtain a new body for your next lifetime?