Continual Rebirth Into Future Bodies

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Does very fact of past lives and reincarnation into future lives, prove the fact of immortality of the spirit-self (the thinking intelligence that is the real person)?

Can you see that the spirit-intelligence/personality lives on from one body to the next and does not perish along with the physical form (body) that it occupies and motivates each lifetime?

Immortal Spirits at Sunset

Immortality of the Spirit-Self.

Are there valid reasons why many people do not remember their past lives?

Can bad actions done to others also harm the spirit-self who does them?

Can the spirit-self deteriorate and degrade if it violates its innate integrity and harms itself by doing harm to others?

Could this be the basis of the concepts of heaven and hell?

Would you like to know what the late Pope John Paul II says about heaven and hell not being places but being spiritual states, as presented in our eBook Confirming Reincarnation - Past and Future Lives in the chapter on "Religion"?

Why is there so much fear of death when the spirit-self does not die?

Doesn't death simply mark the spirit's transitions from old no-longer-useful bodies to new ones?

Have people been mis-educated into a terror of death because that is a successful way to control them for sinister reasons?

Do you want to understand for yourself that the spirit-self (the real you) is immortal?

Would you like to have the data that answers the many questions that people have on these matters, as presented in our eBook selection?


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Do you know...

Do you know that you as a Spirit are the wondering, thinking, computing, deciding part of your composite whole person?

Yes, can you see that it is you as a Spirit that is understanding what your eyes are seeing right here and now?

Do you understand...

Do you understand that it is the magnificent thinking intelligence of you that is the real YOU?

Do you understand that YOU are the life in your body?

Do you understand that your body will only die when YOU leave it and take YOUR life-force with you to a new body?

Do you understand that the real thinking YOU is immortal and YOU live on and on and on in body after body as YOU give life to each new baby body YOU take ownership of?

Can you imagine...

Can you imagine what it would be like to back out of your body and see it dead and realize that YOU are not dead and that you still think and have emotions and see without the need of the physical body?

Can you see that if that occurrence was unexpected, the fact that the body was no longer useful to you could be quite a shock and loss - because you'd have to leave family and friends and possessions if you wanted to get a new body?

Can you imagine...

Can you imagine what it would be like to have to be in a tiny new baby body again after being accustomed to operating an adult body for a long while?

Can you imagine the new baby body with soft bones that won't stand it up and weak muscles that aren't yet strong enough to fully control it by and having to learn to control a tiny voice box all over again?

Do you realize...

Do you realize that if you live a good life, caring for what happens to others in your family and your society and helping wherever you can, that you will arrive in a good place in your next lifetime?

Do you realize that if you live for the optimum survival for all those you associate with, life after life, you can have much greater control over your own future conditions?