Past Life Memory Can Be Blocked
How Does That Happen?

This page tells hot Past Life Memory can be blocked

Why do some people have past life memory and remember their most recent life, or even earlier lives, while others have no memory of any past lives at all?

Could the reasons that block those memories lie back in those past lives?

Could the influence of others affect one's ability to remember back earlier?

Could the individuals own inability to face up to things in the past influence the ability to remember those past lives?

Could it be any or all of these above points that block past life memory?

Shall we have a look at how things affect memory in the current life and see if those things could also apply to past life memory?

Memories of the past?

Memories of the past?

If something very traumatic happens to you, do you want to remember it and think about it or would you rather forget it?

If you want to forget trauma in this life could it be that some people want to forget their past life because of trauma in it - or at its end?

How about if you come across a sort of nutty person blabbing false claims about how he or she was "this and that and the other" famous person in history? Would you want to admit that you too remembered past lives or would you rather forget them so others will not associate you as a nutty person too?

If you have done something you feel was really bad and you feel horrible about it, do you like to sit and remember it and think about it - or would you rather forget about it?

Could it be the same if some people have done really bad things in a past life - rather than have to remember it and feel bad about it could they simply forget about the entire past life?

What if the entire subject of past lives is being trashed by oppressive materialists who deny the existence of "spirit life" and mock and degrade anyone who claims they are a spirit or that they remember past lives? Would you want to admit you remember or would you rather forget about it to avoid conflict and ridicule?

What if people who were afraid you might find out things they had done were continually trying to dissuade you from trying to find out about past lives? Would you likely go into agreement with thrm and forget rather than challenge them and "cause trouble"

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Do you like to remember intense pain?...

Do you think that a person would want to remember a past life if it meant he or she had to remember and mentally re-experience the painful death at the end of that life?

Probably not - at least not until the painful death is erased, right?

Or like to remember overwhelming loss?...

Do you think that a person would want to remember a past life if it meant he or she had to remember and mentally re-experience the overwhelming loss of his or her family members, friends, position and possessions that occurred at the end of that life?

No? - At least not until the feeling of overwhelming loss is erased first?

Do people like remembering their own past bad actions?...

If in the last life time a person had been guilty of harmful actions to others, would they want to remember or forget that lifetime?

They probably would avoid remembering it right?

Would anyone want to remember a horrible lifetime where they'd been badly mistreated?...

If a person had lived a deprived, mistreated and miserable last life is it very likely that he or she would want to remember anything about it?

Probably not?

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