Perceptions and Occurrances

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Is it possible for pregnant women (and sometimes the male partner) to often sense the arrival of the spirit who is going to take over ownership and occupancy of the body that the woman is growing for it?

Is it true that young children are very often aware of the ethereal and usually invisible presence of the spirit who will become their sibling?

Is it also true that good sibling relationships may be creatable at this early stage if parents listen to the child's information about the sibling-to-be and don't discourage and make-less of this talk as "imagination"?

Pregnancy Creates New Bodies for Old Spirits

On the other hand, could bad sibling relationships be started by parents making a child's talk about an arriving spirit seem unreal and a figment of the child's imagination?

Could that possibly result in the eventual new sibling being considered unreal and imaginative by the older sibling resulting in the older child hurting the younger?

Do parents have a special obligation during pregnancy to live a healthy life-style with excellent nutritional supplementation and a calm peaceful environment, for the benefit of the future health and happiness of their future children?

Can past life pregnancy affect the way parents will behave during a current life pregnancy?

Can violent arguments and violent physical behavior during pregnancy be detrimental to the health and well-being of the future lives of the child developing in the woman's body?

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As a parent...

As a parent (especially if you are a mother) were you aware during your pregnancy, of the presence of another Spirit being around, ready to claim the body you were creating?

Fathers can be aware of this fact as well, of course.

As a parent...

As a parent of a young child who could talk, and with a second child on the way, did your young child tell you about the Spirit waiting to claim the new body of his or her future sibling?

Young children often have valid perception of Spirits - at least until they are told so many times not to imagine things that they stop talking about what they can really see.

As a parent...

As a parent who had a child some months after the death of a dear relative of friend, did you even sometimes feel the presence of you "lost" loved one while holding your new child?

Did you ever realize it could be your loved one returned to you?

Did you ever...

Did you ever wonder if the health and behavior of parents during pregnancy could affect the health and happiness of the child in later life?

Did you know that during normal pregnancy parents can accidentally cause their future children to have problems, stress, unhappiness and self-doubts that will manifest in later life?

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