Past Life Questions You Need Answered

Are there Past Life Questions that you need to have answered?

Have you wondered why some subjects seem to conflict with past lives and reincarnation?

Do the incomes of some industries depend on them trying to nullify past life memories?

Why don't materialists dare acknowledge the truth about past lives and reincarnation?

Why is the mental health industry in cowardly denial of reincarnation?

Why does the medical profession have a built in bias against past lives?

Do some branches of all religions accept reincarnation and past lives?

What do the classic philosophies say about past and future lives?

How is genetics related to past lives?

Does the theory of evolution conflict with or coordinate with past lives and reincarnation?

Past Life Questions

Questions about past lives?

Why must cryonics (freezing dead people in the hope future science can bring them back to life) refuse to accept the truth about past and future lives?

How do past lives affect lie detector results?

Can past lives determine ones current racial group?

Can a past life romance affect a future life's romantic success?

Can past lives determine ones next life gender?

Could having been of the opposite gender in a previous life cause one to want to undergo gender change in the current life?

Can past life losses affect one's happiness in the following life?

How does suicide affect the spirit and the next lifetime?

Does corporal punishment make the spirit better or worse?

Why does the birth rate really go so high after wars where hundreds of thousands of spirits loose their bodies?

Does the death penalty really protect society from the criminal or does it set society up for trouble from that spirit in his/her next lifetime?

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What am I?...

This frequently asked verbal or mental question is answered for you on this site.

Where did I come from?...

This question too is frequently asked either to oneself or to another trusted person. Answers are available here.

Why am I here?...

Yes! - "Why am I here?" is also frequently asked of oneself by oneself and this too is answered on our site.

Where am I going?...

This is another of those special questions often asked and seldom answered. You will find answers on our site.

What is life?...

Here we have another of these frequently asked questions that are hardly ever answered - yet we have answers for you.

What is the purpose of life?...

Here is another question that is frequently asked of ourselves by ourselves. You can find answers on this website.

Should I believe what I hear?...

How can one tell the source of the data one hears is trustworthy and honest regarding the information given out? We can help you.

Can I find out?...

Is there any trusted source of data that will give me true answers to the questions I have? Try our site!

Where shall I start?...

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