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past life quiz

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Do you want to find out how knowledgeable you are concerning past lives?

(a) Take a piece of paper and pen
(b) Write down numbers 1 to 15 in a column
(c) Read each question below and write a Y (yes) or N (no) next to each number according to how you answer each of the questions
(d) Add up and write down the total number of Y's and the total number of N's
(e) Then click the Results link below question 15 to get your past life test results.

1. Did early Christian teachings include the idea on reincarnation?
Yes O No O

2. Did early Hebrew teachings include the idea of reincarnation?
Yes O No O

3. Did any early Islamic sect believe in reincarnation?
Yes O No O

4. Do most Eastern religions still teach reincarnation?
Yes O No O

5. Would people who knew that if they were killed they would be reborn in a new body, be harder to control and enslave?
Yes O No O

6. Would those who want to control and enslave others want to suppress and destroy teachings about reincarnation?
Yes O No O

7. Are some teachings of reincarnation complex and significant?
Yes O No O

8. Is the fact of reincarnation actually very simple?
Yes O No O

9. At some point after body’s death does the spiritual personality simply take ownership of a new forming baby body as it is about to be born?
Yes O No O

10. Do large numbers of children remember some aspects of their immediate earlier life?
Yes O No O

11. Do parents usually tell children to “stop imaging things” when the child tries to tell about past life memories?
Yes O No O

12. Could the action of a parent telling a child to “stop imagining things” make the child suppress and forget past life memories?
Yes O No O

13. Is reincarnation and past life knowledge becoming more and more acceptable in the Western world?
Yes O No O

14. Does the spirit universe have to impinge on the physical universe to motivate matter into living forms?
Yes O No O

15. Are personality traits an aspect of the spiritual being rather than being conveyed by physical cellular-genes the way physical traits are conveyed?
Yes O No O


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Is it true...

Is it true, and has it been true down through all of history, that those who want to control or to enslave others by fear of death, don't want them to know the truth about reincarnation and the fact they will be born again into new bodies?

In the past...

In the past (and possibly even now) have even some churches used this dishonest method of controlling their congregations
and the population in general?

If a tyrant...

If a tyrant (either an overtly violent tyrant or a covertly undermining tyrant) worked his way into a real position of power in a church or religion, could he have turned that church or that religion away from its original teachings of peace (and even away from original teachings of reincarnation and past lives) for his own evil purposes of personal power and control?

Do you think...

Do you think that it is possible that if a tyrant took over the top position of some religion or some church in the past that he would most likely have changed important teachings of the religion or church and that his violence and threats could still be responsible for false teachings coming down through history until our current time?

Do you know...

Do you know that such a tyrant took over as head of the Christian church in the year 553 AD as is recorded in written history. He then threatened the Pope of that time that the Pope would be killed if he attended the yearly meeting and then when the Pope sensibly didn't attend, the tyrant said he was now acting as Pope.

The tyrant the ordered a very vast censorship, demanding that all the references about reincarnation and past lived be taken out of Christian writings?

Interestingly, a few were missed and can still be found in Christian texts.

That tyrant was the Byzantine Emperor, Justine - and the yearly meeting was the 2nd Council of Constantinople.

Would you like...

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