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Perhaps you will accept the truth that YES, you have lived many earlier lives in different bodies and with different names than those that you currently have?

Can you accept that you have lived lives in male bodies and other lives in female bodies?

Can you face the fact that there have therefore been many earlier body deaths where you departed a useless body and found one soon to be newly born?

Do you realize that in your current life you come across old enemies and old friends from earlier lifetimes?

Is it real to you that your interests and purposes this lifetime can be due to interests and purposes in previous lifetimes that you are carrying over and continuing into this current life?

Can you even understand that in an earlier life you may have so exhausted an earlier profession or interest that you then decided to do something completely the opposite - for example you were a big game hunter killing animals and you then become a game warden protecting animals from hunters?

Can you see that you have certainly had very successful and wonderful lifetimes and also others that may have been unpleasant, unhappy or even tragic?

Can you comprehend that pain and loss from leaving a past lifetime's body can make you want to forget all about that loss and pain and therefore you forget your entire past lifetime?

Do you realize that you can be born into a different family each lifetime and that your parents and grandparents and earlier ancestors are only genetically related to your body for that lifetime, but are not related to you as the spirit-owner who came along and took over ownership of each successive body as it was forming in the womb?

Past-life friends swapping past-life stories?

Maybe you expect that we are able to tell you about YOUR past lives when it is YOU who has lived them?

Can you understand that because it is YOU who has lived those past lives it is YOU and only YOU who is able to discover them?

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Are you aware...

Are you aware that, because YOU are the only person who has lived your own unique past lives, that YOU are therefore the only person who can uncover and discover them, even though you would like others to be able to tell you about them - and some others pretend that they can do so?

Are you aware...

Are you aware that all anyone else can honestly tell you about your own past lives is that you have: lived many earlier lives, lived in both male and female bodies, lived very pleasant lives and very difficult ones, died out of many earlier bodies, had easy deaths and difficult deaths, had long lives and short lives, belonged to different religions in different lifetimes, created many families, learned many things - much of which is now outdated and not used any more, had many purposes, and accomplished many things.

Are you aware if you want to discover more details you need to discover them for yourself in some form of counseling sessions that do not try to tell you who you were and what you did but simply guide you to discover these things for yourself?

Should you risk...

Should you risk "help" to discover you past lives from a psychiatrist or psychologist when psychiatry if the "profession" with the highest number of criminals in their ranks of any profession - and also the highest number of practitioner suicides? Do you agree that this is not good "help" to seek or a good route to follow?

Should you risk...

Should you risk hypnotism when it is basically putting you under the control of someone else who could take advantage of you while you were "out" - and were the results are so unpredictable that they can kick into place heavy unwanted character and personality changes? Do you agree that this is not a safe way to go either?

Would you like...

Would you like a safe and certain self-help way to not only resolve barriers and unwanted condition that started in your current life but also enable you to discover past lives and get rid of barriers and the unwanted conditions stemming from past life happenings?

Would you like to have your own DVD "How to do it" film that will teach you this simple technique -and which is available in many languages?

(It is also available for loan from lending libraries.)

Do you agree that this is a
safer way to go?