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Don't be discouraged from learning the simple truth.

Did you know that many, many cultures incorporate the knowledge that there is continuation of the personality and the intelligence after death of the current physical body?

Can you see how this knowledge gives life an entirely new value to the hundreds of millions of people in these cultures who know that we come back again…and again…and again - so that we may learn lessons in each life and progress to a more evolved state of intelligence?

Yet, do you understand that there are individuals who rant and rave and do what they can to prevent the spread of the simple truth of reincarnation - because they profit from the ignorance of people and from controlling their beliefs?

Do you realize that if you look with the intention of seeing what is really there, rather than with the intention of accepting what these individuals want you to see, that you might discover that those who continually jump up in the media to devalue and attack the truth of past lives and reincarnation, are those who profit most from keeping men, women and children ignorant about these truths - and hopeless about a future life?

Did you know that some unbalanced individuals also work very hard behind the scenes, to convince you that you are only a physical body and not an intelligent-spiritual-personality inhabiting a physical body?

Would you like to cast off their negative assault on the truth about your past and their devaluation of your hope for the future so you can know the truth about your spiritual-self and your eternal future (whether or not you are religious)?

Would you like to see additional data to this past life report, which may help you see that the matter is of great importance to your future lives at past life reading?

Or would you like to get all the rest of the data that confirms the truth of reincarnation here?

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Did you know...

Did you know that almost two billion people of Earth's population know that they have lived before and know about reincarnation and that they will live again in future lives with different bodies?

Are you aware...

Are you aware that very early Christianity taught reincarnation and that references to being born again originally referred to the fact of physical reincarnation in a new body - not to spiritual awakening?

Do you know...

Do you know that very early Judaism taught reincarnation and that in those times it was common talk and accepted fact and that this is made very clear in historical writings from that period?

Are you aware...

Are you aware that very early Islam groups taught reincarnation into future physical bodies and that this fact is recorded in written history?

Have you ever...

Have you ever wondered why all the old Eastern religions still know about and teach reincarnation but the three great religions that came out of the Middle East have had the fact of reincarnation and future lives expunged from their teachings?