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Are you aware that any past life romance experiences, good or bad, can affect current life romantic situations if you allow them to?

Do you know however, that if lovers in the current life have also been lovers in some past life, it can either make things very, very comfortable, or very, very difficult if you don't understand what is going on and don't maintain sufficient control over the current life situation?

Have you heard about some couples who feel they are lucky enough to have found a soul-mate from the past and who have very happy relationships?

Have you heard of other couples who insist that they are madly in love but they fight continually and often vary intensely? Do you realize that if you found out what they may have done to each other in some past life it would probably surprise you?

Romantic Sunset

Romantic Sunset

Can past life romantic history affect such things as the normal roles of male and female in the current lifetime?

If current life partners were the opposite genders in a past life, can it lead to reversal of expected roles in the current life?

If a person had a body of the opposite gender in a past life could it cause gender confusion and complicate relationships in the current life?

Can distrusts, revenge seeking and other far less than desirable situations be based on past life experiences with the same spirit that is an associate, friend or romantic partner in the current lifetime?

More complete information on the pitfalls and rewards of romantic relationships in previous lifetimes is detailed in our eBook Confirming Reincarnation - Past and Future Lives in the chapter entitled "Past Lives and Romance". Check this and other Past Life eBooks HERE.

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Have YOU ever...

Have you ever had the experience of meeting a new person and feeling immediately comfortable with them as though you had known them forever?

Did you ever wonder if such a person is an old friend from a previous life?

Do YOU have...

Do you have a soul-mate who you recognized immediately as someone special to you and with whom you can share everything?

Did you ever wonder if the two of you were a couple in an earlier life?

Do YOU know...

Do you know of any couple who are always fighting with each other and yet are "madly in love" with each other?

Could it be that they were a couple in an earlier life and had done harmful actions to each other in the earlier life?

Do YOU ever...

Do you ever have the feeling that you are looking for someone special - someone you have already known and whom you would feel comfortable and safe with?

Did you ever wonder if it is someone you knew in an earlier life and are hoping to run into again in this life?

Why don't YOU...

Why don't you check out the chapter on Past Life Romance in our inexpensive eBook CONFIRMING REINCARNATION - Past and Future Lives HERE.