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Here's why there is no mystery to past life curses.

A past life spell or a past life curse is something that has been done to one in a past life and that is still affecting one in the current lifetime.

Such a spell is something that one has to agree to and convince oneself about.

This type of spell depends for its lasting effectiveness entirely upon the person who receives it and not so much on the person who gives it.

The individual who gives a spell or curse of this nature to another depends for his or her skill at doing so, entirely upon his or her ability to make the other person decide and believe that it has occurred and that he or she will be affected by it.

If the individual receiving the spell or curse agrees that it has occurred and decides that he or she is affect of it and will be affected by it, then he or she will be affected by that decision made by him/herself.

It is the power of the mental decision of the person receiving the spell or curse that makes and keeps it able to have an effect on him or her.

All the individual needs to do is throw off his or her old decision that the spell or curse can affect him or her and decide newly that it has lost its power and no longer affects him or her and it can be gone.


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Did you know...

Did you know that the ancient native people of Australia, the Aborigines, were so superstitiously indoctrinated that one of their own tribal "witch doctors" could simply point a special and greatly-feared bone at an erring tribe member and the person would start succumbing and would soon die.

It was never the witch doctor
or the bone that killed these individuals - it was his or her
own terror of the bone and
own certainty that it could kill
that actually caused the individual to bring about his/her own death.

In other words, he or she would "will" himself/herself to death because he/she was convinced
the bone had power and was
killing him/her.

Shouldn't you...

Shouldn't you make sure that
you do not go into agreement
with someone eases ideas that
are detrimental to your own survival or well-being? Isn't it sensible to refuse to agree that you are less than you are or that you need to be less than you can be?

Do you want...

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