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Past Life Test

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Here's how to find out how easy it could be for you to contact past lives.

(a) Take a piece of paper and pen
(b) Write down numbers 1 to 13 in a column
(c) Read each question below and write a Y (yes) or N (no) next to each number according to how you answer each of the questions
(d) Add up and write down the total number of Y's and the total number of N's
(e) Then click the Results link below question 13 to get your past life test results.

1. Have you ever had the feeling of déjà vu (you go somewhere for the first time and have the feeling you have been there before)?
Yes O No O

2. Have you ever been doing something for the first time but had the feeling that somehow you have done it before?
Yes O No O

3. Have you ever had the experience of meeting a new person but had the feeling that you already know him or her?
Yes O No O

4. Have you ever had the experience of meeting a new person and taken an immediate dislike to him or her for no apparent reason?
Yes O No O

5. Were you born with some natural talent that you did not learn in this lifetime – music, art, entertainment, sport, etc?
Yes O No O

6. Does some music or such thing make you think of some place you have never been and maybe can’t even place?
Yes O No O

7. Do you have or have you had an exceptionally strong longing to visit some distant place?
Yes O No O

8. Do you frequently dream about a place you have never been?
Yes O No O

9. Have you ever had a near-death or other out-of-body experience?
Yes O No O

10. Do you sometimes view from points outside your body instead of with your eyes?
Yes O No O

11. Have you ever had an expansive feeling as though your body was within you, rather than you being within your body?
Yes O No O

12. Is it real to you that people can sometimes recover experiences from past lives?
Yes O No O

13. Do you think that it is possible that you have lived past lives and been reincarnated into your current body?
Yes O No O


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Did you know...

Did you know that it is much easier for some people to contact and to remember their past lives that it is for other people to do so?

Can you see that if some person strongly disbelieves in past lives that this fact could make it far more difficult to contact the lives that he or she has lived in the past?

Do you realize...

Do you realize that there are other reasons than 'disbelief in past lives' that can make it more difficult for some people to contact and to remember their past lives?

Are you interested in finding out what these reasons can be so that you can work on resolving those and thereby possibly making real contact with your past lives much easier?

Do you think...

Do you think that it would be more difficult for an individual to contact and remember a lifetime that was full of pain and loss and distressing occurrences that made the lifetime one of stress and despair?

Do you think any person would willingly want to look at and to remember such pain and loss and would therefore willingly look at such a lifetime if that pain and loss could currently affect him or her?

Do you understand...

Do you fully understand that if any individual's current life has had pain and loss and maybe even medical or dental anesthetic-amnesia, that these things may first need to be cleared up, so that the individual can contact and fully remember this lifetime before he or she has much hope of contacting and remembering other lifetimes?

Would you like...

Would you like to check out a site that says it has available a self-help method of clearing up unwanted barriers and stops caused by pain, stress and loss, so that then it is more likely you could contact and resolve your own past lives HERE?