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CONFIRMING REINCARNATION - Past & Future Lives.This amazing 78 page eBook has 29 chapters and 39 illustrations. It looks at, explains and attempts to resolve any apparent divergences between reincarnation knowledge in: history, religion, philosophy, science, materialism, genetics, cryonics, death, birth, punishment, social degradation, war, romance, suicide, animals, orbs, ghosts and more.

Normal Pay Choice Price = $5.95


PAST LIFE POETRY is a fascinating category of art that gives special insights into past lives and reincarnation and warm enjoyment to readers. There are forty-four illustrated poems which each reveal a different aspect of past lives, reincarnation and future live. The cover of this eBook is from an oil painting representation of a spirit over a planet.

Normal Price = $4.95


OUT-OF-BODY Real Experiences is an astounding look at thirty experiences of real people like you, who suddenly go out of their body and discover they are part of the non-physical universe playing the game of life in a physical body in the physical universe.

Normal Price = $5.95


OUT-OF-BODY POETRY is an interesting look at twenty-nine poems that describe different reasons people go out of their bodies and return again - with no harm to them or their bodies.

Normal Price = $4.95


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Do You Wonder...

Do you wonder about the subjects of Past Lives, Reincarnation and Future Lives from the viewpoints
of all the various subjects and the professions that they influence or that they conflict with and have you wondered if there is any real resolution to all the questions that come up in relation to all of this?

Why don't you check out this eBook which does a great job of resolving all of those questions HERE?

Are you entertained...

Are you entertained by cool poetry and have you ever experienced any poetry specifically about past lives and reincarnation into new bodies for new lifetimes?

Why not check it out and see if you enjoy it HERE?

Have you thought...

Have you thought at all about out-of-body experiences and then wanted to know more details about what it would be like to go out of your body and see it from a short distance and know with certainty that you are not your body but are the Spirit that lives in your body and the life that keeps it alive?

Would you like to see some details about our book that tells about the out-of-body experiences of other normal people like you HERE?

Can you imagine...

Can you imagine how entertaining it would be to read poetry about many different types of real life out-of-body experiences - with illustrations?

Have you ever thought that you could actually learn new things from poetry on this subject?

Why don't you check out more information about these fascinating poems HERE?

Would you like...

Would you like to get a FREE eDirectory of songs, music and stories about past lives and reincarnation where you can just click on the links to watch and listen to the performance?

Do you like really fun and pleasant entertainment at no cost?

Why don't you go ahead and download it HERE?

Do you know...

Do you know that you are able to download a great eBook as our exchange to you for even a $1.00 donation to help our mission of confirming to people that they are truly magnificent, immortal, spirits who have lived many earlier lives and will live many more lives in the future?

Would you like to donate and receive this illustrated eBook called "Lifetimes"


Will you keep...

Will you keep checking back on this page from time to rime to see if any of the future products have become available and may be of interest to you?

Perhaps you will be interested in the fiction short stories or the eDirectory of movies about past lives and reincarnation - or about maybe the factual stories or the eDirectory of novels about past lives and reincarnation that will be available in the future?