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Does subscribing to internet and / or website notifications or newsletters make you concerned that your email address might be sold or given away to other sites, companies or causes?

Does it surprise you to know that we feel exactly that concern about our own data too?

Does it help to tell you that here at Past Life Test we recognize and agree that your privacy is important and hope that this information will make you feel comfortable about sharing (very limited) personal information with us?

Sunset Privacy

Your Privacy is our Concern

Does it make you feel more secure about your personal information to know that here at we endeavor to maintain the highest level of integrity in all our operations, including the use of the very-limited amount the personal information that we would collect from you?

Does it help to know that we collect very limited personally identifiable information, including first name and e-mail address only when you volunteer it by subscribing to our very-occasional e-zine or when you voluntarily contact us in other ways?

Do you feel more secure in knowing that this information is used only to notify you of our very occasional updates or additions via our e-zine notifications?

Does it help that we hereby assure you that any and all personal information received from you will be used only for our own internal use and will never be made available to third parties for any reason?

Perhaps it helps to know that for demographic survey reasons we may collect city, state and country to establish where our site visitors are grouped, but this does not include asking you for specific postal or residential addresses?

Will the above information help you enjoy the use of feeling assured and comfortable that your information is safe?

Your use of this site indicates acceptance of this privacy policy.

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Do you want...

Do you want to ensure that you are not annoyed by dozens of random and unwanted e-mails from us?

Would it help...

Would it help to let you know that we never email anyone who has not agreed to receive emails of our very occasional eZine?

Would you like...

Would you like to be able to receive support help if you have any difficulty downloading any of our eBooks or other eProducts?

Do you agree...

Do you agree that it would only be correct for us to email you back if you were to request support help when downloading our ePreducts?

Is it OK...

Is it OK if we email reply to you if you ask us other questions or send us data on your origination?

Do you feel ...

Do you feel it is important that we have our very strict policy to never sell or give your email address to any other person, organization site or any other entity?

Are you secure ...

Are you secure and confident, considering the above data, that you can safely email us for help, information or to subscrib to our very occasional eZine?