This is the Sabotage of Spirit page.

Did you know that what occurs in the USA usually, eventually spreads to the rest of the world?

Have you experienced the fact that the strong are often attacked covertly by the destructively weak and evilly intentioned, under the false offer to "help" the strong, while the strong are then covertly sabotaged from within?

Did you know that the first target of an enemy of all mankind is to covertly destroy the education of the new generations of the strongest nations first?

Can you see that only criminally insane elements of any society would engage in such destructive actions against fellow members of mankind?

Sabotage of the Spirit of Mankind

Sabotage of Spirit

Have you ever wondered why kids of current generations are far less knowledgeable that those of earlier generations?

Have you ever noticed that in spite of this they still get great grades at school?

Do you know that this is done by making the examinations easier and easier to fool parents into thinking their kids are being educated correctly and are doing well when the very reverse of this is true?

Who do you think may have entered their "educational expertise" into the education system to bring about this deliberate, covert, sabotage of the entire educational system?

If you want to know what has been going on you may want to check this YouTube expose' below?

And then perhaps you want to see how things here compare already to what has been going on in your country?

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