of the individuals of Mankind

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What happens to the survival of all the individuals amongst Mankind when the world has become a global village?

What happens to the individual when many races and many nationalities converge on popular places in a great mix?

What happens to the individual when different cultures collide?

What happens to the individual when the ethnics and morals of different peoples conflict with each other?

What help is there in these circumstances, for the comfort and security of the individual in such unfamiliar conditions?

Clashing Cultures

Convergence of Cultures

Could all of the individuals of Mankind agree to a common code of conduct that spanned the differences of race, religion, nationality and ethnic diversity?

What would be the value to the individual, of a sensible solution that could be held in common by all races, all religions, all nationalities and all ethnic groups?

Is a common sense solution to this situation even possible for each and every important individual, that together, compose the huge mass of Mankind and its spirit survival?

Does such a solution in fact already exist?

What if 21 common-sense, non-religious precepts existed that are acceptable to all religions, races, nationalities and ethnic groups?

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Common Sense Solution


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Does the...

Does the survival of one of us depend on the survival of all of us?

Isn't it obvious that if mankind doesn't survive then none of us as individuals survive?

Then isn't it true that if mankind doesn't survive well and flourish then we individuals who mankind is composed of, don't survive well and flourish either?

What can you do to increase the quality of your life and survival?

Do you agree...

Do you agree that with the all parts of the world becoming closely connected by business, travel, tourism, immigration and even migration, that the mix of cultures, customs, morals and laws can cause unfamiliarities, discomforts, problems, conflicts and even dangers to new arrivals?

What can you do as one person alone to help this situation?

If there was...

If there was a common sense code of conduct that was so common sense that all societies could agree on it, would that be a staep in the right direction towards bringing the world into better agreement and smoothing out inter-cultural relationships?

If you could...

If you could see a free copy of such a common sense code of conduct that can improve the survival and happiness of all people, would you try to apply it yourself and would you pass it on to friends and family and neighbors and associates and ask them to do the same so that all the people in the world will eventually receive it and survive better and be happier as a result?

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