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Definition - Spiritive™: Non-religious celebration of the Spirit™.

Definition - Spiritive™ art genre: Any art that forwards the Spiritive definition by following the rules for this genre.

Definition - Spiritive Empire™: An umbrella group under which all categories of Spiritive genre art is grouped.

Past Life Test at Spiritive Empire™ presents factual information about: the Spirit, past lives, reincarnation and future lives.

We additionally present fiction entertainment and art in relation to these subjects.

We offer this Spiritive Empire information because every additional person who comes to fully regain the awareness that he or she is an immortal Spirit, is happier, healthier, more creative, more courageous and has greater personal freedom, than those people who have been oppressed into believing that they are only a body.

We do not believe that this awareness of self as a Spirit has to necessarily be connected with religion but can be acknowledged as a simple fact of life.

Many of those who have come to know themselves as Spirit also work diligently to maintain this awareness and to help others attain it too - so that society and civilization itself will benefit.

For societies and for civilization to survive they must remain free from gradually increasing degrees of enslavement from oppressing authorities and oppressive laws.

If the individuals who compose the societies and civilization are not vigilant enough, aware enough and courageous enough to push back against such oppression and defeat it, the societies and civilization deteriorate until there if no freedom left and all are enslaved to the oppressors. That's not a good society for a Spirit to be reborn into!

Those members of society who know they are immortal Spirits and know that they keep coming back to the same societies and civilization, know that it is vital to improve stability and freedoms or there will be a deteriorated and a more enslaved society to return to in the next lifetime.

To remain free, the members of any society and civilization must be willing to take whatever actions are necessary to maintain and increase their knowledge of Spirit and their personal freedoms as Spirits.

Non-religious celebration of the Spirit

This Spiritive Empire information page, presents Spiritive Empire as an umbrella group for a movement that celebrates the Spirit as the source of intelligence and life in living things. It is non-religious so that members of any religion and also those who subscribe to no religion at all, can all join and follow the movement to celebrate the Spirit.

Spiritive Empire promotes the Spiritive™ genre in the arts.

The Spiritive™ genre proposes that a bodiless Spirit is entirely different from an unpleasant ghost. A Spirit is a fine thinking, knowing intelligence, though without a body (such as between life times) and that as such,the Spirit's fine ethical traits and creativeness and their character (and story) continue on from one life to the next.



This site also offers links to other organizations that fight for the freedom of mankind and for the freedom of the Spirit.


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Spiritive Empire?...

Yes! Spiritive Empire!

Well what ever is Spiritive Empire?

Spiritive Empire is a non-religious movement that celebrates every unique, individual Spirit as the the thinking intelligence and the life in each unique living thing.

Spiritive Empire also forwards the Spiritive genre.

Why non-religious?...

Spiritive Empire is non-religious so that people of any and all religions and those who subscribe to no religion, can all celebrate the fact that they are factually, wondrous, immortal Spirit beings occupying physical, flesh bodies - just as a simple fact rather than as religious belief or requirement.

The Spiritive genre?...

That's right! The Spiritive genre!

So just what is the Spiritive genre?

The Spiritive genre is a new genre in the arts. It celebrates the Spirit in each individual in an entirely non-religious way.

How does it do that?

It's simple. The thinking intelligent you is the Spirit and it is that real you who has lived lives way in the past and will live lives way into the future.

So the Spiritive genre shows this and follows the same intelligent Spirit through continuous incarnations in entirely different looking bodies with different names but still the same personality the same intelligent Spirit-person continuing on and on to different adventures.

It's about ghosts?...

No it is not about ghosts at all.

Spirits and ghosts are two entirely different things.

How is that?

A ghost is a spirit who doesn't accept that its body is dead and tries to go on as though it still has a body when it does not. It gets stuck in the location of the old life or the location of the body's death and it can't move on to get a new baby body and beging a new life like a Spirit does.

Ghosts have a bad name for being weird and scary while Spirits are normally benevolent, kind and caring but they do display all the same emotions they have when they are in a body.