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Definition - Spiritive™: Non-religious celebration of the Spirit™.

This genre is new in the field of the arts.

It concerns non-religious celebration of the spirit™.

It is not about ghosts or the supernatural.

This genre treats the spirit and continuation of the spirit after death as a simple fact of life regardless of religion. It treats this intelligent component as the indestructible senior factor in life - as the actual personality and intelligence - the source and creator of ideas and thoughts. In this genre the intelligence and its ethereal energy are natural forces for good but can be blunted to ignorance and perverted to evil - but can be rehabilitated – it is immortal and cannot be totally killed. The characters continue on life after life in new bodies as part of stories that may span generations, centuries or even eons.

Because it involves the non-religious celebration of the spirit, this genre can be enjoyed by those of any faith, as well as those who subscribe to no faith at all.

Mantra: Non-Religious Celebration of the Spirit™.

Mission statement: To bring about a non-religious renaissance in awareness of ourselves as non-physical Spirits and of our basic creativity and virtues.

Products: Non-religious art and entertainment created in compliance with the rules of the Spiritive genre so that it highlights our factual existence as immortal Spirits.

Envisioned Reality: Envision an entertaining, fun, creative genre that is highly popular and spreads, via the arts, the everyday reality of ourselves as immortal spirits who live life after life. Envision this genre giving full respect and consideration to ourselves as spirits with a resultant rise in survival potential for society, mankind and all life. Visualize this genre available to everyone to play round with at home, or contribute to, or use to create major art products that uplift others to recognition of their own spirit selves. Visualize the products being both valuable to the users and making their creators’ a good income at the same time. See the Spiritive genre as being a win, win for everyone!

As with other genres there are specific rules to follow for a story, poem or other work of art to be classified as being of the Spiritive genre.

Umbrella genre: You will notice that this new genre is actually an umbrella genre, in that other genres may also be created in this genre (except for those genres that are religious or spiritualist in nature). So there can be romance, mystery, adventure, horror, science-fiction, fantasy, westerns, action, comedy, historical, political, satire, thriller, speculative, etc. stories all in the Spiritive genre.

The genre rules:

1. All characters are considered to be intelligent, thinking spirits who are occupying physical bodies, rather than bodies with some remote soul that is not the actual person.

2. The spirit-characters, just as a simple mater-of-fact, continue on after death of their bodies, taking new bodies before or at birth or as “walk-ins” who take over adult bodies as other spirits decide to abandon them – such as at drowning, drug overdose, accidents, etc. They continue on with different physical bodies, still part of the overall story. Stories in the Spiritive genre can span centuries, the length of entire civilizations and even eons because the deaths of the bodies of the spirit-characters’ are not the end of those spirit-characters. They get new bodies and grow up to continue striving towards their long term goals, continue relationship “games” and attempt to pay their dues and take their revenges as they recognize the life-spirit of old friends and enemies in entirely new bodies and maybe in different races and even opposite genders.

3. The flesh bodies of the characters in the Spiritive genre are simply like game-pieces used by the actual spirit-characters who are eternal. Although their bodies are mortal and destructible the spirit-personality and intelligence of each character are immortal and indestructible - but the spirits are corruptible and open to degradation through irresponsibility and despicable actions and yet redeemable through responsibility, self-determined reform, amends and decent actions.

4. The characters may often not speak of themselves as being their bodies but speak of the body as a separate entity – “My body is thirsty”… “I have to feed my body” … “I have smashed up my body”… “I have to put my body down to get it some sleep”. … “She threw her body into the arms of his with desire racing through her entire being”… etc.

5. The spirit-characters can also have out-of-body experiences where they can influence things and return to their own still-living bodies. An out-of-body or between-lives spirit is not considered a ghost but simply a normal spirit outside of, or entirely without a body. (A ghost is considered to be a spirit who will not admit that its body is dead and so goes on trying to appear in the form of the now dead body and is stuck in the location of the body’s death.) A spirit-character need not always have a body to continue to be a perfectly real character in a story – not a ghost – just the person without his or her body still trying to influence those who still have their bodies, and eventually getting another body of its own.

6. Artificial bodies may also be developed and used by the spirit-characters in some stories or the entire story may consist of spirit-characters using manufactured bodies that they have spirit-energy enough to operate directly or via some servo-mechanism. This could not only short-cut the necessity of waiting for a new-born baby body to grow up before they join in the action of the story but could offer the possibility of many more plot twists and problems with bodies, servo-mechanisms, restrictions from being given bodies, break-in and theft of unassigned bodies, etc.

7. No specific religion may be referred to by name, by object, by ritual, by history or by any other method, overt or covert. If the story requires the mention of religion the following words should be used: faith, place of worship, author of the universe, prophet, religious officiator, religion, give thanks, body’s-end ceremony, naming ceremony, joining ceremony, joining celebration, joining anniversary, annual religious celebration, religious ceremony, remembrance ceremony, afterlife, previous life, next life, future life, between lives. However, it is stressed that this genre is specifically about the non-religious celebration of the spirit as a normal fact of life. It is hoped that this Spiritive genre might contribute to a respect for all religions by each other, rather than to divisions amongst them. No religion may claim this genre as belonging to that religion. If the artist wants to write or create specifically about religion he or she is of course free to do so but the creation may not be referred to as being in this genre per the owned trademark.

8. The spirit in a body, human or animal, is depicted as rays of energy emanating around the head or the entire body. Out of a body, the spirit is depicted as a very small transparent globe with rays of energy emanating from its entire surface in the form of an white energy glob. Having no physical aspects the spirit cannot be seen but the energy it constantly creates is visible occasionally to some people and always under certain non-visible wavelengths of the light spectrum, especially ultra-violet light.

9. The spirit, being the true individual, has all the likes, dislikes, purposes, thoughts and intelligence of the individual – only more so, being unencumbered by the complexities and needs of a body. The Spiritive genre therefore does not consider that bodiless spirits are all evil as has been the case with most past stories about bodiless spirits. They are like all the types of people there are but tend to be better as unencumbered spirits than they are in encumbering bodies. Spirit energy is considered to be a natural force for good but can be blunted to ignorance and perverted to evil yet can be rehabilitated to its basic goodness.

10. The Spiritive genre has special challengers, especially for writers, script writers and movie makers as techniques must be developed to make clear that it is the same spirit-being, though now in an entirely different looking body. These techniques may include naming the spirit with an additional permanent name while the name of the bodies being consecutively occupied changes, etc. For TV and movies it may include having the rays of energy-emanation of different spirits be different colors, or keeping the same very distinctive voice for each successive body, or just some character habit being done exactly the same way by the same spirit in each successive body, etc. Another possibility might be to refer to characters not only by their name but also their spiritual quality, and then refer again to the spiritual quality with the new body’s name. – the gentle spirit – the argumentative spirit – the heroic spirit – etc. A character can even take ownership of the developing body of his own child if he loses his adult body to death after causing a pregnancy to occur - or can take ownership of the developing body of his or her own grandchild.

11. In the Spiritive genre only the physical characteristics of an individual are genetically determined. The personality, character and skills of an individual are carried directly, as habit and knowledge, by the spirit from one body to the next – modified by the aberrations, habits and opportunities encountered in the family he or she chooses to be born into or is born into by accident or twist of fate. As the spirit has no gender and no race it may end up in a body of any race and either gender in succeeding lifetimes and this fact may not always be under his or her control. A character may take ownership of a body in a certain family or location to later exact revenge or for other reasons that make a great plot for a great story. These points give opportunity for changes, surprises and various twists in plot. A story in the Spiritive genre can occur in any time frame or setting - past, present or futuristic. In an historical fiction Spiritive story, the writer could have Adolph Hitler become the individual Sadam Hussein - or Ricky Martin could have been Elvis Presley the same - or Madonna the same spirit as Marilyn Monroe - depending only on there being sufficient time between the death of the one and the birth of the next (there can always have been more lifetimes than one between those chosen to write about and some of them may have been very short or the spirit may have been without a body for some time). Given the above conditions there can be much realism in the stories of the Spiritive genre.

12. The Spiritive genre is philosophically opposed to psychiatry, psychology and psychoanalysis due to their denial of the existence of the spirit and continuation of intelligence after death of the body. So these subjects are always part of the evil opposition in Spiritive stories and are never helpful to the well-being of the spirit but are treacherous. The word counselor should be used to indicate a professional who is genuinely helpful and knows that all living things are motivated by spirits who live from life to life.

13. To get a better reality on how a large Spiritive series of novels may go, if you are familiar with The Lensman Series by Edward Elmer Smith (E.E. “Doc” Smith) – a science-fiction series that carries on the same objectives with succeeding generations of characters – one can imagine the succeeding generations of characters motivated by the same spirits, returned in their new bodies to carry on their same quest.

14. Factual stories in this genre would include non-religious accounts of out-of-body experiences, proof of past life memory and other similar experiences or witnessed occurrences without religious preaching or overtone. These may not refer to a specific God, a specific profit, a specific church or a specific religion, and may not refer to heaven or hell as places. Otherwise they violate the genre requirements and become religious writings. If there is a desire to attach the genre title to these or mention the trademarked name Spiritive in relationship to them in anyway even to deny they are this genre, the royalty will be legally due as above.

Exchange: Although the word Spiritive is trademarked - and has been for considerable years, the term may be used freely to describe works of art as being in the Spiritive genre, but only by those artists who adhere strictly to the Spiritive rules given above. Commercial works that earn the creator profits require a very small royalty of 1.0% be paid to the trademark holder, Spiritive Empire. TV specials and serials and movies must negotiate separately. Royalties are payable directly via the website or by contacting us via the website for arrangements. (Trademark violation will be prosecuted.)


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